Alan Friel Comments on Tech Industry's New Interest in Establishing Federal Privacy Regulations

News / October 8, 2018

Partner Alan Friel is quoted in an article published Sept. 13, 2018, by The National Journal. The article, “Big Tech Launches Full-Court Press for Federal Privacy Rules,” reports on the tech industry’s support for a federal framework to address data privacy.

Friel told the publication that he believes California’s recently passed consumer privacy law -along with similar efforts now being pursued in Illinois and elsewhere – is pushing tech companies to seek federal regulations. “I think that the industry would rather concentrate its efforts in Washington than in a dozen or half-dozen state capitals,” he said.

“Another way to say it is, it’s an attempt to pre-empt reckless and ill-advised and costly – maybe well-intentioned, but ill-advised – state efforts at regulation, and to prevent an unworkable patchwork of state laws that make it impractical, if not impossible, for our data-driven economy to operate,” Friel said.

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