Mark Bailen Facilitates Anti-SLAPP Workshop at Conference of 2021 ABA Forum on Communications Law

News / January 28, 2021

Partner Mark Bailen served as the lead facilitator for the virtual workshop, “Hot Issues in Anti-SLAPP and Other Legislation,” at the Annual Conference of the American Bar Association Forum on Communications Law, held Jan. 27 through Feb. 2, 2021. The session discussed the latest developments in the application of anti-SLAPP laws in federal court proceedings, the mechanics of new state anti-SLAPP statutes, and the advantages and disadvantages of a recently approved uniform model anti-SLAPP law. Participants also explored unique anti-SLAPP strategies that have been employed by media defendants, including utilizing non-forum SLAPP defenses through application of the dépeçage doctrine and successful “SLAPP-back” actions.

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