Barron Lauds Judge's Denial of Motion to Consolidate Order in Drilling Rules Case

News / January 14, 2016

Mark Barron is quoted in an article published December 18, 2015, in Natural Gas Intelligence (NGI). The article, “Court Rejects Motion by Environmental Groups in BLM Fracking Rule Case,” reports on U.S. District Court Judge Scott Skavdahl’s denial of a motion by environmental groups to consolidate his order for a preliminary injunction on new Bureau of Land Management (BLM) drilling rules into a final judgment on the merits of the case. Barron, who represents the Independent Petroleum Association of America and the Western Energy Alliance in their lawsuit against the BLM, told NGI, “These procedural motions actually complicate and will delay the end of the case. We think Judge Skavdahl's ruling actually facilitates the parties' efforts to get to the merits on all issues as soon as possible."

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