Carl Hittinger Talks to FTC Watch about Antitrust Policies under Makan Delrahim

News / October 16, 2017

Partner Carl Hittinger is quoted in an article published Oct. 13, 2017, in FTC: Watch. The article, “Look for More DOJ ‘Fixes’ Under Delrahim,” discusses changes in Executive Branch antitrust policies under Makan Delrahim, the new head of the Department of Justice Antitrust Division.

Hittinger predicted that the Trump White House will direct antitrust policy with a stronger and more involved hand than was true in the Obama administration. He added that the Justice Department is part of the executive branch and said, “The president will have a point of view… [and] will hopefully dictate policy (with expert advice) going forward. Those are the elected officials, not the head of the antitrust division.”

“For good or bad, I think it will be different than the Obama administration [during which] the division was really more of an independent branch…and there was very little, it seemed, input from the executive branch in terms of how aggressively they were approaching mergers or enforcement,” Hittinger added. “Obviously the attorney general had input on that, but I don’t think it went much above that.”

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