Danyll Foix Comments on Ruling that Blocked Merger of Nuclear Waste Disposal Companies

News / July 19, 2017


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Antitrust Advocate
Fishy Price Fixing Leads to 40-month Jail Stint
By Darley Maw
June 30, 2020
On June 16, following a monthlong trial, Christopher Lischewski, former CEO and president of Bumble Bee Foods LLC, was sentenced by Judge Edward Chen of the Northern District of California to 40 months in prison plus a $100,000 fine for...
Antitrust Advocate
Limits of State Action Protection for Colleges and Universities
By Brady P. P. Cummins, Ann M. O'Brien
June 11, 2020
A recently filed antitrust complaint against Duke University (Duke) provides a fresh reminder for colleges and universities that the state action immunity doctrine is unlikely to be a complete shield from antitrust liability even if a...
Antitrust Advocate
1-800 Contacts Settles Class Action Lawsuit With Roots in FTC Action
By Darley Maw, Ann M. O'Brien
May 21, 2020
Back in 2016, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) sued 1-800 Contacts, claiming the online retailer devised an anticompetitive scheme with other online lens retailers to restrict search terms. The FTC argued that 1-800 Contacts and its...
Antitrust Advocate
The Failing Firm Defense in Times of Economic Uncertainty
By Alyse F. Stach
May 20, 2020
As many businesses look for solutions to weather the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, one potential avenue for distressed companies is to seek to be acquired by a more stable firm looking to expand. The antitrust regulators have...
Antitrust Advocate
DOJ Declines to Challenge New Bidding Platform for Commercial Advertisement Producers
By Jeffrey D. Martino
April 30, 2020
On April 16, the Department of Justice (DOJ) announced that it would not challenge a proposal by the Association of Independent Commercial Producers (AICP) to operate an online platform for advertisers and advertising agencies to solicit...