Elizabeth McCurrach Comments on NCAA Case to be Considered by Supreme Court

News / February 10, 2021

Associate Elizabeth McCurrach is quoted in an article published on Feb. 8, 2021, by Sports Business Journal. The article, “Legal Experts Weigh in on NCAA Supreme Court Case,” examines the NCAA antitrust case involving student athlete compensation that will be before the U.S. Supreme Court this term.

McCurrach told the publication that the NCAA is trying to preserve its amateur rules within antitrust laws. The NCAA and 11 conferences filed separate but similar opening briefs last week, which offered further insight into their strategy in the case.

“These briefs from both the NCAA and the conferences have a lot of legal firepower behind them and they are making a compelling case that amateurism is, in and of itself, a great good that should withstand some of these challenges,” McCurrach said. “I expect the student athletes will make a similarly compelling argument about why this unfairly restricts trade and destroys competition. This will be a landmark decision no matter which way it goes.”

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