Eric Goodman Warns that FEMA Claim Will Dilute Recovery for Wildfire Victims

News / February 27, 2020

Partner Eric Goodman is quoted in an article published Feb. 27, 2020, by the San Francisco Chronicle. The article, “FEMA: PG&E’s Poor Power Line Maintenance Means It Intentionally Caused Fires,” reports on a claim by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) that the bankrupt Pacific Gas & Electric Co. owes the agency nearly $4 billion because the company’s failure to prevent its power lines from starting damaging California wildfires is akin to intentionally starting the fires.

Goodman, who represents the wildfire victims’ committee, argued that U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Dennis Montali should throw out both the FEMA claim and a similar claim from the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services because those claims could lower the amount of money received by the victims as negotiated in a $13.5 billion settlement.

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