George Stamboulidis Comments on Martin Shkreli Securities Fraud Trial

News / July 3, 2017

Partner George Stamboulidis is quoted in an article published July 1, 2017, by the New York Daily News. The article, “Testimony from Martin Shkreli Securities Fraud Trial Tough to Predict – Just Like the Defendant’s Behavior,” discusses the ongoing trial of Martin Shkreli, the so-called “Pharma Bro,” who is being tried for securities fraud in New York. Stamboulidis, who is not involved in the case, commented on the defense attorney’s strategy and the chances that Shkreli will take the stand to testify.

With Shkreli on the stand, Stamboulidis said “the bigger risk is a guy like this opens the door, which then allows the prosecutors to cross examine him on more than they would otherwise be able to put before the jury, because it will go to his credibility.”

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