Scott Jansen, Barbara Linney and Melissa Mannino Explain Why Companies Should Self-Disclose Possible Statutory and Regulatory Violations; Orga Cadet Contributes to Article

News / November 4, 2022

An Oct. 31, 2022, Law360 article authored by Counsel Scott Jansen and Partners Barbara Linney and Melissa Mannino addressed the importance of self-disclosure to avoid running afoul of new U.S. Treasury Department enforcement and penalty guidelines for the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS).

Titled “Self-Disclosure in Light of New CFIUS Penalty Guidelines,” the article stated that “it is likely that issuance of the enforcement and penalty guidelines is just the first step toward a ramp-up of CFIUS enforcement activity in the coming months.”

Associate Orga Cadet contributed to the article.

Read the article.

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