Jeff Paravano Praises IRS Move to Speed Appeals under CAP Program

News / August 28, 2018

Partner Jeff Paravano talked to Bloomberg’s “Daily Tax RealTime” newsletter on Aug. 27, 2018, about the announcement by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) that it plans to expedite the process of sending disagreements with taxpayers to Appeals as part of its revamp of the popular real-time auditing program for large corporations. It is one of a number of changes to the Compliance Assurance Process (CAP) program for the 2019 application season announced by the IRS on Aug. 27.

“It is not unusual for CAP program participants to disagree with IRS legal interpretations,” Paravano told Bloomberg. “Moving those disagreements to IRS Appeals more quickly should both conserve IRS examination resources and lead to more timely resolution of issues for CAP participants.”