John Siegal Leads New York City Bar Report Calling for Change in Noncompete Regulations

News / March 1, 2021

Partner John Siegal is chair of the New York City Bar Association Committee on Trade Secrets, which recently released a report titled “Legislating Fairness: Regulating Non-Competes For Lower-Salary Employees.” The report details national developments around noncompete legislation and advocates for a New York statute blending the nine statutes adopted nationally in the past four years (with D.C. soon to follow) and New York’s common law.

The report includes an extensive review of the national legal and economic context in which the issue of noncompetes for lower-salary employees arises. It surveys the statutory responses enacted in other states, and analyzes the statutory approach available to New York. The report characterizes its recommendation as providing “the needed balance between permitting the continued use of noncompetes for statutorily protected lower-salary employees, but only under specified circumstances.”

Associate Tiffany Miao serves as committee secretary.

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