Matthew Kane Is Quoted in Law360 About PAGA Rulings

News / December 2, 2022

According to “PAGA Rulings Are ‘A Mixed Bag’ Post-Viking, Pre-Adolph,” an article published Nov. 29, 2022, in Law360 Employment Authority, workers and employers need guidance on “standing to bring nonindividual claims under California’s Private Attorneys General Act (PAGA),” even as workers continue bringing claims and courts rule inconsistently.

The article quotes Partner Matthew Kane on the impact of the U.S. Supreme Court’s June 2022 decision in Viking River Cruises Inc. v. Moriana. In that case, the Court held that individual PAGA claims can go to arbitration. Kane told Law360, “Post-Viking River, we’re seeing at least the federal courts feel like they’ve got their green light to just get on the highway to compelling individual arbitration of PAGA claims.”

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