Kevin Johnson Comments on Newly Announced IRS Compliance Campaigns

News / September 13, 2018

Partner Kevin Johnson is quoted in an article published Sept. 11, 2018, in “Tax Analyst.” In the article, “IRS Launches Expense Allocation, Manufacturing Branch Campaigns,” Johnson says new compliance campaigns announced by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) focus on issues that may become less important following enactment of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

“It's interesting because the branch rule is something that will be ameliorated by the change in the tax law. Subpart F income won't be as important when we go to more of a territorial system, but I guess they're looking at this under the old tax law,” Johnson said. He also told the publication “The whole idea of issue-focused campaigns is certainly helpful to taxpayers. That way, you're not dealing with a whole panoply of issues when the IRS comes around. I think taxpayers appreciate the more focused approach that the IRS is taking.”

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