Laura Jehl Analyzes Impact of French Guidance on GDPR and Blockchain

News / October 4, 2018

Partner Laura Jehl is quoted in an article published by LegaltechNews on Oct. 5, 2018. The article, “France’s Regulatory Guidance on GDPR, Blockchain Leaves More Questions than Answers,” reports on recent guidance released by the French data protection authority regarding blockchain and the privacy requirements of the GDPR.

Jehl told the publication that the guidance, which calls for classifying some blockchain users as data controllers “conceptually makes sense” because it is “consistent with the GDPR’s principle that you should have your control over data.” But she added that it may not work in practice. She also noted that the French guidance could work in private blockchain services, but not for public blockchains. “A code of conduct across bitcoin blockchain? Not going to happen,” Jehl said.

“I think [regulators] are conceiving that with public blockchains like bitcoin and ether, basically they can’t put the genie back in the bottle,” Jehl said. “They can’t regulate them under GDPR, because they already exist and they’re decentralized and no one is in charge.”

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