Laura Jehl Talks about Firm's Role as a Founding Steward for Blockchain ID Network

News / November 29, 2017

Partner Laura Jehl is quoted in an article published Nov. 28, 2017, by ABA Journal. The article, “BakerHostetler and Perkins Coie Named ‘Founding Stewards’ in New Blockchain ID Network,” announces BakerHostetler’s participation in a new blockchain-based identity network called Sovrin.

Sovrin, run by the nonprofit Sovrin Foundation, is a global, decentralized identity network that allows people and organizations to create portable, self-sovereign digital identities, which they control, and cannot be taken away by any government or organization. BakerHostetler privacy and data protection lawyers also are working collaboratively with The Sovrin Foundation to anticipate and address legal and regulatory issues that may be presented by self-sovereign identity.

The backbone of this network is a blockchain that creates a secure, public ownership list of an asset. As founding stewards, BakerHostetler and Perkins Coie are donating network power to maintain the ledger that hosts nodes to house the self-sovereign IDs, according to an email from Judd Bagley, director of communications at Evernym, the company that invented Sovrin and spun it off as a separate nonprofit foundation.

Jehl told the ABA Journal that BakerHostetler’s participation is aimed at helping “clients understand and embrace a future where digital identities can be trusted, mitigating risks from data breaches and other cybersecurity incidents.”

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