Marc Flink Letter Defends Rights of Journalist Handcuffed by Denver Police

News / July 12, 2018

A letter written by Partner Marc Flink is quoted in an article published July 9, 2018, by the Colorado Freedom of Information Coalition (CFOIC). The letter was written on behalf of CFOIC, the Colorado Broadcasters Association, and the Colorado Press Association, and sent to Denver police and city officials after a journalist was handcuffed and detained by Denver police while photographing officers with a handcuffed man on a city sidewalk. The letter notes that the right of any citizen to photograph police in public spaces “clearly is protected” under the First Amendment, the Colorado Constitution and Colorado statutes, and calls for the city to institute First Amendment training for officers. Denver police have begun an internal investigation of the incident. Flink is a CFOIC board member.

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