Mark Kadzielski Comments on Issues Facing Healthcare Lawyers in 2018

News / January 4, 2018

Partner Mark Kadzielski is extensively quoted in an article published Jan. 4, 2018, in the Lead Report in Bloomberg BNA’s Health Law Reporter. The article, “Health Care Policy Top Health Law Issue as Uncertainty Persists,” is a report on the challenges facing healthcare attorneys in 2018. Kadzielski told the publication, the “unraveling and dismantling” of healthcare regulations, including regulations unrelated to the Affordable Car Act, “will create more confusion among health-care providers, payers, and suppliers and they attempt to chart a responsible course for the future. The federal health-care bureaucracy will continue to act in unpredictable ways.”

Kadzielski also commented on the trend toward provider integration and mergers, saying that “physician exhaustion” is becoming a more important motivator, with physicians and physician groups joining hospitals and managed care groups “to avoid the annoying hassles of running offices, fighting with insurance companies, and handling employee issues.”

Kadzielski also shared his thoughts on healthcare industry trends:

Telemedicine: Kadzielski said, “The tremendous expansion of virtual medicine through practitioner visits made by telemedicine is dynamic uncharted territory for health lawyers.” However, he noted, “despite the expansion of state telehealth compacts, the lack of any comprehensive federal coverage will continue to be a sore spot for this growth area.”

Consolidation’s effects: “Integrating different organizational cultures, especially when spread across several states or through disparate regions, is neither easy nor quick. He added that having physicians on a governance board can be both a plus and a drawback, but “the days of honoring board members who rubber-stamp management decisions are past.”

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