Melinda McLellan Talks to Business Insurance about "Spear Phishing" During Tax Season

News / April 1, 2016

Counsel Melinda McLellan is quoted in an article published March 30, 2016, by Business Insurance. The article, “Employers Face Growing Risk in Tax Season: ‘Spear Phishing,’ “ discusses “spear phishing” or “spoofing” emails sent to company employees that appear legitimate but actually are attempts to steal personal data such as Social Security numbers and W-2 forms. As McLellan reported in the Data Privacy Monitor, the Internal Revenue Service issued a warning about these scams, which have proliferated in recent weeks.

McLellan told Business Insurance, ““Because it is tax season, HR department and payroll employees are accustomed to receiving requests from some executives about various tax-related issues, and that’s maybe why they’re more susceptible to believing these are valid requests.”

Read the article (registration required).

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