Michael Sabella Talks to Law360 about Remote Work and Attorneys with Disabilities

News / August 31, 2020

Associate Michael Sabella is extensively quoted in an article published on August 31, 2020, by Law360. The article, “How COVID-19 May Forever Alter Work Life for Disabled Attorneys,” discusses how video conferences and the lack of in-person contact with colleagues during the COVID-19 pandemic has changed everyday work life for attorneys with disabilities. Sabella, who is hard of hearing, notes that understanding speakers on video meetings can sometimes be challenging but he added that the near-universal work-from-home experience has proved that remote work does not affect productivity.

“What this has shown is that people can work remotely on a large scale, that they can and will be productive if given the support they need, and that is really something that people with disabilities have been asking for for quite some time,” Sabella told the publication. “I hope that that does not diminish or discontinue if we ever return to the ‘normal’ footing of a workplace.” Productivity, he said, is as good as it was, if not better, “and it creates a more inclusive workplace and environment.”

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