Ted Kobus Talks to LegalTech News about Ransomware "SWAT Team"

News / July 3, 2017

Partner Ted Kobus is quoted in an article published July 3, 2017, by LegalTech News. The article, “Law Firms Strike Back Against Cyber Attacks: BakerHostetler’s Ransomware Response Team,” features the firm’s Privacy and Data Protection Team and its multipractice “SWAT team” established to quickly assist business targeted by ransomware attacks and other breaches.

“If you’re dealing with a ransomware issue and your email is down, the last thing you want to do is get on the phone with an attorney or service provider who says, ‘We should get you on another provider.’ You want a provider who says, ‘Here’s another [email] solution, and it’s compliant with HIPAA, and we can get you on it in 20 minutes,’” Kobus told the publication.

Read the article.


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