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Todd Lebowitz Cautions Employers Regarding New Labor Department Standards on Joint Employment

News / February 17, 2016

Partner Todd Lebowitz is quoted in a story published February 16, 2016, by MHLnews. The story, “Labor Department Jumps into the Joint Employer Issue While NLRB’S Decision Faces Challenge,” discusses a recent decision by the Department of Labor (DOL) to classify companies using staffing agencies as joint employers of temporary workers under federal wage and hour laws. Lebowitz told MHLnews that “The key takeaway here is that the DOL wants to find employment relationships. Where such relationships do not seem to exist, newly created standards can make them exist. . . .”

Lebowitz added, “Companies that benefit from nonemployee labor, whether directly or indirectly, should carefully assess their relationships under these newly articulated standards. Those companies deemed to be joint employers can find themselves liable for payroll mistakes made by contractors over whom they exert little or no control.”

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