BakerHostetler Earns 135 Attorney Recognitions, 45 Practice Area Recognitions from Chambers and Partners

Eleven practice areas, 17 attorney recognitions new to 2017 Chambers USA Guide

Press Releases / May 26, 2017

NEW YORK, May 26, 2017 — Chambers and Partners ranked 135 BakerHostetler attorneys and 45 practice areas in the 2017 edition of the prestigious Chambers USA Guide: America’s Leading Lawyers for Business. Eleven practice areas are new to the list and five practice areas are ranked in Band 1. Seventeen attorney recognitions are new on this year’s list and eight attorneys are ranked in Band 1.

Attorney rankings – highlights

Attorneys ranked in Band 1 include: Dennis P. Duffy (Labor & Employment, Texas); John M. Gherlein (Corporate/M&A, Ohio); Elizabeth A. Green (Bankruptcy/Restructuring, Fla.); Dale M. Heist (Intellectual Property, Pa.); Joseph F. Hutchinson Jr. (Bankruptcy/Restructuring, Ohio); Mark S. Lange (Tax, Ga.); Ronald G. Linville (Labor & Employment, Ohio); and John J. McGowan Jr. (Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation, Ohio). Linda Goldstein (Advertising: Transactional & Regulatory, Nationwide) was ranked a “Star Individual.”

Additionally, the firm had nine attorneys move up in this year’s rankings: Joyce Ackerbaum Cox, Jon Barr, Mark DeLaquil, Dennis Duffy, Ted Kobus, Charlene McGinty, Tiffany Payne, Paul Schmidt and Mike VanNiel.

New attorney rankings include: Eric Barnum (Labor & Employment, Ga.); John Bates (Tax, D.C.); Lindsay Holmes (Healthcare: Pharmaceutical/Medical Products Regulatory, D.C.); Joann Gallagher Jones (Real Estate, Ga.); Andrew Layden (Bankruptcy, Fla.); Poe Leggette (Natural Resources & Environment, Colo.); Scott McIntyre (Labor & Employment, Ohio); Lee Rosebush (Healthcare: Pharmaceutical/Medical Products Regulatory, D.C.); and Lynn Sessions (Privacy, Nationwide).

Twenty-two attorneys were named "Recognized" practitioners. Those new to the list include Daniel J. Goettle (Intellectual Property, Pa.), David A. Grant (Labor & Employment, D.C.), Elizabeth A. Greene (Bankruptcy/Restructuring, Nationwide), Bruce R. Greene (Real Estate, Calif.) Craig A. Hoffman (Privacy, Nationwide), Margaret Rosenthal (Labor & Employment, Calif.), James W. Seegers (Labor & Employment, Fla.) and Donald Workman (Bankruptcy/Restructuring, D.C.).

For the first time, two BakerHostetler attorneys – Lindsay Holmes and Andrew Layden – were named in the “Associates to Watch” category.

Practice area rankings – highlights

Practice areas ranked in Band 1 are Bankruptcy/Restructuring (Ohio), Corporate/M&A (Ohio), Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation (Ohio), Intellectual Property (Pa.) and Labor & Employment (Ohio).\The firm earned its first ranking in Intellectual Property (Ga.) and moved up in the rankings in Labor & Employment (Fla.). Also new to the list are the following International Trade practices: Customs, Trade Remedies & Trade Policy and Export Controls & Economic Sanctions.

Seventeen practice areas were named to the "Recognized" list, seven for the first time. Those new to the list are Banking & Finance (Ohio), Healthcare (Nationwide), Healthcare: Pharmaceutical/Medical Products Regulatory (D.C.), Labor & Employment (Calif., D.C.), Real Estate (Calif.) and Retail (Nationwide).

Chambers USA Guide: America’s Leading Lawyers for Business is an independent and objective directory based on interviews with thousands of in-house and outside counsel across the country. Interviews are conducted by Chambers USA, a division of Chambers and Partners. Individual lawyers and practice areas are ranked on the following factors: legal knowledge and experience, ability, effectiveness and client-service. Additionally, practice areas are ranked on effectiveness and capability of the department as a whole.

BakerHostetler’s ranked practice areas are:
  • Bankruptcy/Restructuring (Ohio, Florida)
  • Corporate/M&A (Ohio)
  • Corporate/M&A & Private Equity (Florida)
  • Corporate/M&A: Highly Regarded (New York)
  • Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation (Ohio)
  • Healthcare (Georgia, Ohio, Texas)
  • Intellectual Property (Ohio, Georgia, Pennsylvania) (Georgia new)
  • Intellectual Property: Trade Mark & Copyright (New York)
  • International Trade: Customs (Nationwide) (new)
  • International Trade: Export Controls & Economic Sanctions (Nationwide) (new)
  • International Trade: Trade Remedies & Trade Policy (Nationwide) (new)
  • Labor & Employment (Florida, Ohio, Texas)
  • Leisure & Hospitality (Nationwide)
  • Litigation: General Commercial (Ohio)
  • Litigation: White-Collar Crime & Government Investigations (New York)
  • Media & Entertainment (Washington, D.C.)
  • Natural Resources & Environment (Ohio)
  • Privacy & Data Security (Nationwide)
  • Real Estate (Florida, Ohio)
  • Tax (Washington, D.C.)
BakerHostetler’s “recognized” practice areas are:
  • Banking & Finance (Ohio) (new)
  • Environment (Washington, D.C.)
  • Environment (Florida)
  • Healthcare (Florida)
  • Healthcare (Nationwide) (new)
  • Healthcare: Pharmaceutical/Medical Products Regulatory (Washington, D.C.) (new)
  • Intellectual Property: Litigation (Washington, D.C.)
  • Intellectual Property: Patent Prosecution (Washington, D.C.)
  • Intellectual Property: Trademark, Copyright & Trade Secrets (Washington, D.C.)
  • Labor & Employment (California) (new)
  • Labor & Employment (Washington, D.C.) (new)
  • Litigation: General Commercial (Colorado)
  • Litigation: General Commercial (Florida)
  • Natural Resources & Environment (Colorado)
  • Real Estate (California) (new)
  • Retail (Nationwide) (new)
  • Tax: Controversy (Nationwide)
The firm’s ranked attorneys are:

Advertising: Transactional & Regulatory

  • Linda A. Goldstein (Star Individual)


  • Robert G. Abrams


  • Brian A. Bash
  • Matthew R. Goldman
  • Elizabeth A. Green
  • Joseph F. Hutchinson Jr
  • Andrew V. Layden (new)
  • Ashley M. McDow
  • Jimmy D. Parrish
  • Tiffany D. Payne
  • Irving H. Picard
  • Michael A. VanNiel


  • Brian C. Blair
  • Denis L. Durkin


  • John Allotta
  • David K. Brown
  • Steven Goldberg
  • W. Ashley Hess
  • Ronald A. Stepanovic
  • John M. Gherlein
  • Suzanne K. Hanselman
  • R. Steven Kestner
  • Robert A. Weible

Corporate/M&A & Private Equity

  • Jeffrey E. Decker

Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation

  • Raymond M. Malone
  • Ruth Ann Maloney
  • John J. McGowan Jr.
  • Georgeann G. Peters

Oil & Gas (Regulatory & Litigation)

  • L. Poe Leggette


  • John F. Cermak Jr.
  • Mark DeLaquil
  • William L. Pence
  • Robert N. Steinwurtzel

First Amendment Litigation

  • Bruce W. Sanford


  • Jessica Captain Novick
  • Donna S. Clark
  • Emily Crosby
  • Susan Feigin Harris
  • B. Scott McBride
  • Charlene L. McGinty
  • James C. Rawls
  • Robert K. Rupp
  • David L. Schick
  • Lynn Sessions
  • Christopher J. Swift
  • Robert M. Wolin

Healthcare: Pharmaceutical/Medical Products Regulatory

  • Lindsay P. Holmes (new)
  • Lee H. Rosebush (new)


  • James D. Levine

Intellectual Property

  • John P. Donohue Jr.
  • Nancy R. Frandsen
  • Dale M. Heist
  • John S. Letchinger
  • Joseph Lucci
  • Katrina M. Quicker
  • Steven J. Rocci
  • Kevin W. Kirsch
  • David A. Mancino
  • Thomas H. Shunk
  • Deborah A. Wilcox

Intellectual Property: Litigation

  • William Bergmann

Intellectual Property: Patent

  • Benjamin C. Hsing

Intellectual Property: Trade Mark & Copyright

  • Robert (Red) Horowitz
  • Oren Warshavsky

International Arbitration

  • Mark Cymrot

International Trade: Customs

  • Melvin S. Schwechter

International Trade: Export Controls & Economic Sanctions

  • Melvin S. Schwechter

International Trade: Trade Remedies & Trade Policy

  • Elliot J. Feldman

Labor & Employment

  • Joyce Ackerbaum Cox
  • M.J. Asensio
  • Eric L. Barnum (new)
  • Dennis P. Duffy
  • Daniel J. Guttman
  • Todd Lebowitz
  • John B. Lewis
  • Ronald G. Linville
  • M. Scott McIntyre (new)
  • Gregory V. Mersol
  • Patrick M. Muldowney
  • Kevin W. Shaughnessy
  • Drew B. Tipton
  • Amy J. Traub
  • Martin T. Wymer

Leisure & Hospitality

  • John Melicharek Jr
  • Robert J. Webb

Litigation: General Commercial

  • Paul G. Karlsgodt
  • Robert M. Kincaid Jr.
  • Thomas R. Lucchesi
  • Ernest E. Vargo
  • Daniel R. Warren
  • Thomas D. Warren

Litigation: Securities

  • Marc D. Powers

Litigation: White-Collar Crime & Government Investigations

  • Jonathan R. Barr
  • John J. Carney
  • Lauren J. Resnick
  • Edmund W. Searby
  • George A. Stamboulidis

Media & Entertainment

  • Bruce W. Sanford

Natural Resources & Environment

  • Martin T. Booher
  • L. Poe Leggette (new)

Privacy & Data Security

  • Theodore J. Kobus
  • Lynn Sessions (new)

Real Estate

  • Gary M. Alletag
  • Joann Gallagher Jones (new)
  • Amy E. Kellogg
  • Lawrence V. Lindberg
  • Michael J. Pappert

Real Estate: Zoning/Land Use

  • Gregory D. Lee


  • John D. Bates (new)
  • Kevin M. Johnson
  • Mark S. Lange
  • Jeffrey H. Paravano
  • Paul M. Schmidt
BakerHostetler’s recognized attorneys are:
  • John W. Boyd (Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation)
  • John J. Burke (International Trade: Export Controls & Economic Sanctions)
  • Phillip M. Callesen (Banking & Finance)
  • Sashe D. Dimitroff (International Arbitration)
  • Edward L. Friedman (Labor & Employment)
  • Daniel J. Goettle (Intellectual Property) (new)
  • David A. Grant (Labor & Employment) (new)
  • Elizabeth A. Greene (Bankruptcy/Restructuring) (new)
  • Bruce R. Greene (Real Estate) (new)
  • Kurt P. Gruber (Leisure & Hospitality)
  • Craig A. Hoffman (Privacy) (new)
  • Gilbert S. Keteltas (Litigation: E-Discovery)
  • Jay P. Krupin (Labor & Employment )
  • Wendy W. Markham (Real Estate)
  • Margaret Rosenthal (Labor & Employment) (new)
  • James W. Seegers (Labor & Employment) (new)
  • Lance L. Shea (Healthcare: Pharmaceutical/Medical Products Regulatory)
  • Peter W. Van Euwen (Corporate/M&A)
  • Monica S. Verma (Intellectual Property)
  • Lyle A. Wallace (Corporate/M&A)
  • W. Ray Whitman (Litigation: Energy & Natural Resources)
  • Donald Workman (Bankruptcy/Restructuring) (new)


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