Business and Corporate

“A strong relationship management approach offering not just legal advice, but business advice."

– Chambers USA 2013

In today’s global economy, clients seek counsel with a breadth of experience and deep understanding of every aspect of corporate practice. BakerHostetler’s nearly 200 business and corporate attorneys combine that knowledge with an intimate understanding of our clients’ business goals to deliver creative and effective business solutions for publicly traded and privately-held companies across the country and around the globe.

Our clients represent nearly every segment of industry including media, hospitality, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, retail, banking and finance, real estate, energy, technology, transportation and more. Whether in the U.S. or in European, Asian and Latin American markets, clients look to us for strategic counsel on corporate and securities matters, mergers and acquisitions, dispositions, debt and equity financing, real estate, bankruptcy, project and structured finance and compliance with laws and regulations governing international trade.

The focus in all business transactions is to develop strategies for adding value based on appropriate structuring of the transaction and avoiding regulatory pitfalls. Several of our attorneys bring government regulatory experience and understand how to avoid the red flags that attract the attention of regulators. As a national firm, we work closely with our colleagues across other practices, including tax, IP, litigation, antitrust, and employment to provide seamless, effective, and efficient service.


Name Title Office Email
Albert T. Adams Partner Cleveland
Goodarz T. Agahi Partner Costa Mesa
Zachary S. Allen Associate Seattle
Gary M. Alletag Partner Houston
John J. Allotta Partner Cleveland
Lauren T. Attard Staff Attorney Los Angeles
W. Barron A. Avery Partner Washington, D.C.
Arthur J. R. Baker Associate Orlando
G. Thomas Ball Partner Orlando
Brian A. Bash Partner Cleveland
Alexis C. Beachdell Partner Cleveland
Donna L. Beezhold Associate Atlanta
Marc L. Benezra Partner Los Angeles
Camille C. Bent Associate New York
Jeffrey P. Berg Partner Los Angeles
Ron B. Birnkrant Associate Costa Mesa
Jack A. Bjerke Partner Columbus
Jason I. Blanchard Associate New York
Jack D. Blanton Associate Cleveland
Joseph P. Boeckman Partner Columbus
Kameron L. Brackins Associate Houston
Jason A. Brady Partner Orlando
Donald W. Brodsky Partner Houston
David K. Brown Partner Atlanta
Melissa A. Brown Associate Houston
Barry A. Brust Counsel Los Angeles
Gary L. Bryenton Partner Cleveland
Brian A. Bulson Partner Cleveland
Kelly S. Burgan Partner Cleveland
Alberto S. Bustamante III Partner Orlando
Phillip M. Callesen Partner Cleveland
Thomas S. Campanella Of Counsel Cleveland
Jessica Captain Novick Partner Orlando
John F. Cermak Jr. Partner Los Angeles
Donna S. Clark Partner Houston
Penny Pittman Cobey Counsel Los Angeles
Ian R. Cohen Associate New York
Clayton W. Coley Partner Atlanta
Charlotte A. Combre Partner Atlanta
William J. Conti Partner Washington, D.C.
Jonathan P. Cramer Partner New York
Payal P. Cramer Counsel Atlanta
Nicholas J. Cremona Partner New York
Emily C. Crosby Partner Atlanta
James W. Day Counsel New York
Jeffrey E. Decker Partner Orlando
Michael T. Delaney Associate Los Angeles
Vimala Devassy Counsel Atlanta
Ellis Diment Associate Atlanta
Anna Altizer Dix Associate Atlanta
Brian P. Durdle Senior Advisor Cleveland
Seth Engel Associate New York
W. John English Jr. Partner Houston
Joseph M. Esmont Associate Cleveland
David L. Evans Jr. Partner Orlando
Fahim Farivar Associate Los Angeles
Adam L. Fletcher Associate Cleveland
Stephen M. Floyd Associate Atlanta
Alison J. Flynn Associate New York
Amy E. Fouts Partner Atlanta
Dustin A. Frazier Partner Columbus
Lars H. Fuller Counsel Denver
Richard T. Fulton Partner Orlando
Lynn S. Garson Counsel Atlanta
Robert H. Gebaide Partner Orlando
Judy Gechman Of Counsel Houston
Tiffany Payne Geyer Partner Orlando
John M. Gherlein Partner Cleveland
Nina K. Goldberg Associate Los Angeles
Steven H. Goldberg Partner New York
Matthew R. Goldman Partner Cleveland
Eric R. Goodman Partner Cleveland
Matthew D. Graban Partner Cleveland
Ashley E. Graffeo Associate Columbus
Elizabeth A. Green Partner Orlando
Bruce R. Greene Partner Los Angeles
Kyle R. Gregory Associate Atlanta
Regina L. Griffin Partner New York
Kurt P. Gruber Partner Orlando
Daniel J. Gunsett Partner Columbus
Suzanne K. Hanselman Partner Cleveland
John J. Harrington Partner Cleveland
Susan Feigin Harris Partner Houston
Laura M. Haskins Associate Atlanta
Mark Hatcher Partner Columbus
William H. Hawkins II Counsel Cincinnati
Jodi B. Henry Associate Cincinnati
W. Ashley Hess Partner Cincinnati
Lindsay P. Holmes Associate Washington, D.C.
Kenneth C. Howard Jr. Partner Washington, D.C.
Elaine A. Hutchins Partner Cleveland
Joseph F. Hutchinson Jr. Partner Cleveland
Michael Iannuzzi Associate New York
David M. Ivey Of Counsel Atlanta
Lauren M. Johansson Associate Orlando
Katherine M. John Associate Washington, D.C.
Victoria L. Johnson Counsel Cleveland
Allison D. Jones Associate Houston
Joann Gallagher Jones Partner Atlanta
Mark L. Jones Partner Houston
Thomas W. Kahle Partner Cincinnati
David P. Kardian Associate Washington, D.C.
Elyssa S. Kates Associate New York
Randolf W. Katz Partner Costa Mesa
Amy E. Kellogg Partner Cleveland
Brandon E. Kepple Counsel Orlando
R. Steven Kestner Chairman Cleveland
Rajiv Khanna Partner New York
Shannon A. Kidwell Counsel Atlanta
Darina A. Koleva Associate Houston
Laurice Rutledge Lambert Associate Atlanta
Christoph Lange Partner New York
Andrew V. Layden Associate Orlando
Gregory D. Lee Partner Orlando
Melissa A. Leonard Partner Cleveland
Lawrence V. Lindberg Partner Cleveland
John J. Lisy IV Associate Cleveland
Alissa K. Lugo Partner Orlando
Christopher M. Luken Associate Cleveland
Arthur H. Lundberg Partner Cleveland
Joshua A. Lusk Associate Cleveland
Gary S. Lutzker Partner Washington, D.C.
Jessica Parker Malchow Partner Orlando
Michelle Manzoian Associate Cleveland
Tatiana Markel Associate New York
Wendy W. Markham Partner Atlanta
Lori P. Markley Regulatory Analyst Atlanta
Laurence S. Markowitz Partner New York
Jasper Mason Counsel Houston
Gina M. Mavica Partner New York
B. Scott McBride Partner Houston
Erin H. McBride Associate Cleveland
Christopher Pace McCaskill Associate Costa Mesa
Ashley M. McDow Partner Los Angeles
Tara Romero McElhiney Associate Houston
Jessica P. McGinnis Counsel Orlando
Charlene L. McGinty Partner Atlanta
Ernessa B. McKie Associate Atlanta
John Melicharek Jr. Partner Orlando
Nicholas P. Melillo Partner New York
Jonathan D. Mitchell Associate Columbus
Sameer V. Mohan Partner Houston
Henry P. Montgomery Partner Columbus
Charleston R. Morford Associate Atlanta
Robert F. Morwood Partner Cincinnati
Gene Murphy Of Counsel Atlanta
Keith R. Murphy Partner New York
Jeffrey R. Murray Jr. Staff Attorney Atlanta
John M. Murray Associate Cleveland
Kristi K. North Associate Atlanta
Aaron A. O'Brien Associate Cleveland
Elizabeth A. O'Connell Associate Atlanta
Kathleen S. O'Connor Partner Cleveland
Matthew Oliver Partner Cleveland
Ferve E. Ozturk Associate New York
Banee Pachuca Associate Houston
Francis B. Palumbo Of Counsel Washington, D.C.
Michael J. Pappert Partner Houston
Jimmy D. Parrish Partner Orlando
Toni H. Paschall Counsel Atlanta
Scott S. Patrick Of Counsel Washington, D.C.
William L. Pence Partner Orlando
Janis M. Penman Partner Washington, D.C.
Laura E. Peterson Associate Denver
Peggy A. Peterson Senior Advisor Washington, D.C.
Stephen J. Petras Jr. Partner Cleveland
Irving H. Picard Partner New York
Lenard I. Pick Partner Los Angeles
Geraldine E. Ponto Partner New York
Kristina R. Ramsey Counsel Orlando
J. Christopher Redding Of Counsel Washington, D.C.
Jorian L. Rose Partner New York
Lee H. Rosebush Partner Washington, D.C.
Noah D. Rosenberg Partner Los Angeles
Robert M. Rozier Partner Atlanta
Kimberly S. Ruark Counsel Atlanta
Robert K. Rupp Partner Columbus
Dennis W. Russo Partner New York
Michael A. Sabella Associate New York
Gregory S. Saikin Partner Houston
David L. Schick J.D., LL.M. Partner Orlando
Andrew M. Serrao Associate New York
Lynn Sessions Partner Houston
Lance L. Shea M.S., J.D. Partner Washington, D.C.
W. Robert Shearer Partner Houston
Amy M. Shepherd Partner Columbus
C. Tyler Silvey Associate New York
Adam R. Skilken Partner Chicago
George R. Skupski Associate Cleveland
Jason A. Smith Associate Houston
Robert A. Spottswood Jr. Associate Orlando
Janet A. Spreen Partner Cleveland
Ronald A. Stepanovic Partner Cleveland
Erica Svoboda Associate Atlanta
Summer D. Swallow Associate Houston
Matthew A. Tenerowicz Partner Cleveland
Samuel F. Toth Associate Cleveland
Wendy Cramer Townsend Counsel Orlando
Walter Van Dorn Partner New York
Peter W. Van Euwen III Partner Cleveland
Amy E. Vanderwal Partner New York
Michael A. VanNiel Partner Cleveland
Gary A. Wadman Partner Columbus
Lyle A. Wallace Partner Denver
Leah Fressell Watkins Regulatory Analyst Atlanta
Robert J. Webb B.C.S., RRP Partner Orlando
Robert A. Weible Partner Cleveland
Scott R. Weiser Partner New York
Jennifer P. Whitton Associate Atlanta
Alec Wightman Partner Columbus
Michael C. Wilde Partner Orlando
Lauren Wright Wilson Counsel Los Angeles
Heather R. Wlodek Associate New York
Robert M. Wolin Partner Houston
Kristen McDermott Woodrum Partner Atlanta
Donald A. Workman Partner Washington, D.C.
Jason K. Zachary Counsel Denver


  • Chambers USA:
    • Bankruptcy/Restructuring in Florida (2013 to 2016)
    • Bankruptcy/Restructuring in Ohio (2007 to 2016)
      • Band 1 (2015, 2016)
    • Corporate/M&A & Private Equity in Florida (2011 to 2016)
    • Corporate/M&A: Highly Regarded in New York (2010 to 2016)
    • Corporate/M&A in Ohio (2007 to 2016)
      • Band 1 (2010 to 2016)
    • Healthcare in Georgia (2015, 2016)
    • Healthcare in Ohio (2011 to 2016)
    • Healthcare in Texas (2009 to 2016)
    • Real Estate in Florida (2014 to 2016)
    • Real Estate: Zoning & Land Use in Florida (2007 to 2015)
    • Real Estate in Ohio (2007 to 2016)
    • Real Estate in Texas (2010 to 2016)
  • The Legal 500 United States
    • M&A/corporate and commercial: Corporate governance (2016)

      • Tier 2 (2016)

    • M&A/corporate and commercial: M&A: middle-market (sub-$500m) (2010 to 2016)

      • Tier 1 (2010, 2015, 2016)

  • BTI Client Service 30: BakerHostetler advanced 19 positions to #9 (2016)
  • U.S. News – Best Lawyers “Best Law Firms” (2016)
    • Banking and Finance Law: National Tier 2
    • Bankruptcy and Creditor Debtor Rights/Insolvency and Reorganization Law: National Tier 1
    • Corporate Law: National Tier 1
    • Health Care Law: National Tier 1
    • Litigation - Bankruptcy: National Tier 1
    • Mergers & Acquisitions Law: National Tier 2
    • Real Estate Law: National Tier 2
    • Securities/Capital Markets Law: National Tier 2
  • The M&A Advisor

    • “M&A Deal of the Year ($500 million to $1 billion)” 2015 for the creation of two separate public companies with The E.W. Scripps Company and Journal Media Group.This deal was also awarded the 2015 “Sector Deal of the Year (Media)”.

    • “Middle Market Deal of the Year (over $100 million to $250 million) 2014” for the acquisition of two television stations from Granite Broadcasting by The E.W. Scripps Company.

    • “Sector Deal of the Year” (from $100 million to $1 billion)” in the “Technology, Media and Telecom Category 2012” for representation of The E.W. Scripps Company’s purchase of McGraw-Hill’s Broadcasting Group.

    • “Middle Market Deal of the Year” (from $100 million to $250 million) from for the sale of Characters Licensing, a subsidiary of Scripps responsible for the licensing of the Peanuts characters, Dilbert, Fancy Nancy, and others to the Iconix Brand Group and family members of the late Charles Schulz.

  • The India Business Journal included BakerHostetler in its 2012 list of leading U.S. law firms doing business in India.


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