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Our industry-leading IncuBaker team helps lawyers and clients understand and navigate the intersection of digital business, emerging technologies and the law.

Since 2015, we have been a pioneer in shaping the ways in which businesses, clients and the legal industry adapt to emerging and transformative technologies. Through extensive research, analysis and client consultations, we’ve developed strategic insights and transformative solutions for adapting emerging technology to solve clients’ real-world problems.

The benefits of working with our IncuBaker team include:

  • Research that disentangles the explosion of information to reveal meaningful insights.
  • Practical advice and workshops on how to mitigate risk, add business value and avoid pitfalls in the rapidly evolving legal landscape.
  • Ongoing analysis of 400 tech vendors to identify the right technology for customized use cases in a crowded legal technology marketplace.
  • Innovative legal technology services to improve operational efficiency and provide increasingly accurate predictions and forecasts for making data-driven decisions with confidence.
Data-Driven Decision-Making

To ensure that we provide clients with a view of available collected data that is as comprehensive and unified as possible when evaluating opportunities, our advanced analytics team collects and analyzes scores of internal and external data sources. We use data analytics in a variety of ways, including data visualization and predictive analytics, which include in-house modeling and third-party subscriptions to analytic applications and machine learning tools. Through data discovery, we traverse and analyze integrated data sets leveraging queries to deliver deeper and smarter insights.

Augmented Legal Practice

As the first firm to employ the ROSS legal research platform, an AI-powered machine backed by IBM’s Watson technology, we have years of experience and projects underway that utilize natural language processing and machine learning to create and mine structured data.

Among our existing solutions and ongoing focus are:

  • Computational linguistics for litigation drafting.
  • Contract analytics for due diligence review and lease abstraction.
  • Intelligent automation for agreements, such as NDAs.
Blockchain Technology

We are proud to be a national leader in the drive to understand blockchain technology and advance its practical applications in the legal industry. Through our work on smart legal (computational) contracts, supply chains and digital identity, we constantly evaluate whether blockchain can add value to specific use cases in this fast-moving space.

 We are members of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance Legal Working Group, the Accord Project and other select communities, where we inform emerging best practices and current industry trends.

We collaborate closely with attorneys in our Blockchain Technologies and Digital Currencies team, who counsel clients on a broad array of legal issues.

Among our research and development efforts are:

  • Collaborative research and co-development with clients and technical partners to design and test solutions that utilize computational contracts and other emerging technologies.
  • Researching nationwide legislative developments related to blockchain, cryptocurrency and distributed ledger technology, and synthesizing our findings into a regularly updated, interactive data map.
  • Cutting through blockchain hype cycles with insights grounded in professional legal research and business analysis.
  • Curating industry-specific blockchain newsletters with articles from around the web.


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