Jarvarus Gresham and Olivia Williams Help Design and Conduct Teen Civics Program

News / November 15, 2022

Associate Jarvarus Gresham and Labor and Employment Attorney Olivia William helped develop and run a civics program for teens as part of their service on the Northern District of Georgia’s Civics Education Committee.

Over a two-day period, Nov. 15-16, 2022, members of the Bellwood Boys and Girls Club learned about legal principles and civil discourse (focusing on social media and the First Amendment). On Day One, they were introduced to a case in which a rapper was accused of violating a federal anti-threat statute with his social media posts. The teens conducted trial preparation for their roles as prosecutors, defense attorneys and jurors. Williams briefed a group of the teens as to their duties and responsibilities as jurors; Gresham led the defense team.

On Day Two, the students held their mock trial in a real courtroom at the Richard B. Russell Federal Courthouse in Atlanta. Judge Steven Grimberg presided over the trial, then met with the students in his chambers. Judges Leigh May and J.P. Boulee were also involved in this hands-on lesson in civics and the field of law.