Lauren Resnick Says Companies Need to Self-Report Wrongdoing

News / October 12, 2022

An Oct. 12, 2022, article in CFO addresses a new Department of Justice effort to go after companies engaged in criminal behavior. Titled “DOJ Encouraging Self-Disclosure as Guilty Pleas in Corporate Crimes Down 70%,” the article quotes Chief Practice Partner Lauren Resnick about how companies can and must be prepared for greater DOJ scrutiny.

Resnick told CFO that even individual corporate leaders need to be vigilant and proactive. “An executive who suspects or learns of misconduct should escalate promptly to company counsel or the board in the first instance.” This allows the company to “conduct a privileged internal investigation, discover what happened, and make an informed decision whether or not to self-disclose to the government,” Resnick said.

Read the article.

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