Our Approach

BakerHostetler was named a “go-to law firm” for litigation by Corporate Counsel® magazine’s general counsel survey of in-house law departments at the nation’s top companies. The key to our effectiveness is our commitment to learning every aspect of our clients’ business needs to meet their broader objectives. We handle complex matters through trial and appeal, and understand that winning takes many forms, from successfully defending clients to asserting their rights as plaintiffs. For each client, large or small, we bring to bear the full resources of our national litigation practice, as well as the multidisciplinary strengths of our entire firm.

Our People

Our litigators—thought leaders who boast practical experience in their fields—are former prosecutors, veteran civil trial lawyers, and former enforcement officials from various agencies with credentials that have won them inclusion in Best Lawyers in America and Chambers USA: America's Leading Lawyers for Business, as well as fellowship in the American College of Trial Lawyers. They are nationally regarded for their pre-litigation strategies and decisions and their ability to prepare, try, and win cases.

Our Capabilities

With nearly 350 litigators in offices coast to coast, we represent market-leading clients in virtually every type of case and proceeding, nationally, and around the world. BakerHostetler serves client needs in the international arena through relationships developed over the years in Central and South America, Europe, Asia and Africa.

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  • As court-appointed counsel to Securities Investor Protection Act (SIPA) Trustee Irving H. Picard, BakerHostetler has been working since December of 2008 to unravel, deconstruct and litigate one of the largest and most complex financial frauds in U.S. history—Bernard L. Madoff’s decades-long Ponzi scheme. We were selected to lead this global investigation and ongoing litigation based on the excellence and diverse experience of BakerHostetler attorneys in complex business litigation, bankruptcy law, white collar criminal investigation, securities litigation, e-discovery and corporate finance.
  • Our antitrust practice received a national first chair ranking from Best Lawyers in America, and was named a “top team working in the hub of antitrust law” by Global Competition Review. With more than 40 antitrust lawyers firm wide, we have successfully tried numerous antitrust and competition cases to verdict and have represented both plaintiffs and defendants in antitrust and competition litigation, including class action lawsuits. We also advise clients on all aspects of their businesses and successfully help them navigate the merger review process, frequently obtaining clearance of transactions without government investigations.
  • Our white collar lawyers represent Fortune 50 companies, major hedge funds and individuals facing government scrutiny. Our lawyers have served as assistant United States attorneys, assistant district attorneys, and SEC enforcement attorneys. Their experience has proven invaluable not only in representing clients in dealings with the SEC, DOJ, IRS, FTC and other federal and state agencies, but also in advising corporations on compliance implementation and testing. BakerHostetler has also been repeatedly selected to conduct complex monitorships for world-leading financial institutions, such as Merrill Lynch, Bank of New York and Mellon Bank, among others.
  • We have defended more than 200 national and state class actions for major corporations in more than 25 states in the last five years. We aggressively defend against class certification and in the event the class is certified, we are prepared to try the case to judgment.
  • Our securities litigation and regulatory enforcement team features over 40 prominent attorneys with a wealth of knowledge and legal experience in the fields of securities litigation; SEC, CFTC, and FINRA investigations and enforcement proceedings and examinerships; regulatory and compliance legal services for regulated entities; and internal investigations.
  • BakerHostetler’s dedicated 60-attorney shale practice team understands the industry’s rapidly evolving regulatory, legal and political climate. It has experience across all the proven shale plays and has an unmatched ability to represent clients at all points in the life cycle of energy development. Lawyers on our team have technical degrees and have worked in-house with major energy companies.
  • Unlike most law firms, our E-Discovery Advocacy and Management team is led by seasoned trial lawyers who understand how information is used in litigation. Our advocacy controls costs, risks, and burdens by limiting the scope of discovery. We defensibly deploy emerging technologies like predictive coding to cut through the noise of large data sets. We also build practical preservation and litigation response plans and defend against claims of intentional or inadvertent loss of data. From sophisticated keyword screens, to data categorization and clustering, to technology assisted review, we have negotiated and won court approval of sophisticated approaches to search and review. Our experience in the courtroom coupled with our ability to break down complex technological issues has saved many of our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars or more in individual cases.


Name Title Office Email
Jeremy R. Abrams Staff Attorney Columbus
Robert G. Abrams Partner Washington, D.C.
Joyce Ackerbaum Cox Partner Orlando
Loura L. Alaverdi Partner New York
Rebecca C. Alexander Partner Denver
Brian F. Allen Counsel New York
Suzanne M. Alton de Eraso Associate Chicago
Mark I. Bailen Partner Washington, D.C.
Gregory L. Baker Partner Washington, D.C.
G. Thomas Ball Partner Orlando
Stanley C. Ball Associate Chicago
Damon C. Barhorst Staff Attorney Columbus
Jonathan R. Barr Partner Washington, D.C.
Mark S. Barron Partner Denver
Erica Barrow Associate New York
Darin R. Bartram Partner Washington, D.C.
Chris Bator Counsel Cleveland
S. Derek Bauer Partner Atlanta
Robertson D. Beckerlegge Partner New York
Stacey A. Bell Partner New York
Marc L. Benezra Partner Los Angeles
Melonia A. Bennett Associate Columbus
Melissa D. Bertke Partner Cleveland
Brian C. Blair Partner Orlando
Jonathan D. Blattmachr Associate New York
Fernando A. Bohorquez Jr. Partner New York
Martin T. Booher Partner Cleveland
Kevin D. Bradberry Associate Atlanta
Terry M. Brennan Partner Cleveland
Robert J. Brookhiser Partner Washington, D.C.
Seanna R. Brown Partner New York
John F. Bruce Counsel Washington, D.C.
Alexander D. Burch Associate Houston
John J. Burke Partner Washington, D.C.
John H. Burtch Partner Columbus
Carey S. Busen Partner Washington, D.C.
Daniel J. Buzzetta Partner New York
Ian K. Byrnside Partner Atlanta
Jennifer Bonds Cabrera Associate Houston
Matthew J. Caccamo Counsel Chicago
Matthew W. Caligur Partner Houston
Torello H. Calvani Partner New York
Sam Camardo Associate Cleveland
Patrick T. Campbell Partner New York
Samantha A. Cardenas Staff Attorney Columbus
Marie L. Carlisle Partner Houston
Ethan D. Carlyle Associate Houston
David A. Carney Partner Cleveland
John J. Carney Partner New York
Susrut A. Carpenter Associate New York
Melissa M. Carvalho Counsel New York
Lee A. Casey Partner Washington, D.C.
Jesús J. Castillón Associate Houston
John F. Cermak Jr. Partner Los Angeles
Joseph L. Chairez Partner Costa Mesa
Diane P. Chapman Partner Cleveland
Trischa Snyder Chapman Associate Columbus
Frederick W. Chockley III Of Counsel Washington, D.C.
David Choi Associate New York
Teresa C. Chow Partner Los Angeles
Dennis O. Cohen Partner New York
Tracy Cole Partner New York
Geoffrey H. Coll Partner New York
Hurlie H. Collier Of Counsel Houston
Casie D. Collignon Partner Denver
Lisa N. Collins Partner Atlanta
Kevin M. Colton Partner Costa Mesa
Charlotte A. Combre Partner Atlanta
Gregory J. Commins Jr. Partner Washington, D.C.
María R. Coor Partner Washington, D.C.
Christopher L. Cottrell Jr. Associate Atlanta
M. Kristin Craig Associate Houston
Darren A. Crook Associate Cleveland
Brandon T. Crossland Partner Orlando
Cory M. Curtis Partner Houston
Barry J. Cutler Of Counsel Washington, D.C.
Mark A. Cymrot Partner Washington, D.C.
Douglas D. D'Arche Partner Houston
Lauren A. Deeb Partner Costa Mesa
Mark W. DeLaquil Partner Washington, D.C.
Bonnie Keane DelGobbo Associate Chicago
Zachariah J. DeMeola Associate Denver
Steven M. Dettelbach Partner Cleveland
Carrie Dettmer Slye Associate Cincinnati
William DeVinney Counsel Washington, D.C.
Alan C. deVries Associate Columbus
Sashe D. Dimitroff Partner Houston
Robert M. Disch Of Counsel Washington, D.C.
Thomas A. Donaho Associate Houston
Billy M. Donley Partner Houston
Rosario C. Doriott Domínguez Associate Denver
Breaden M. Douthett Counsel Cleveland
Dennis P. Duffy Partner Houston
Jeffry W. Duffy Counsel Philadelphia
Damon M. Durbin Associate Columbus
Denis L. Durkin Partner Orlando
Rodger L. Eckelberry Partner Columbus
Geraldine E. Edens Partner Washington, D.C.
James V. Etscorn Partner Orlando
Joseph E. Ezzie Partner Columbus
Guenther Karl Fanter Partner Cleveland
Michael K. Farrell Partner Cleveland
Emily R. Fedeles Associate New York
Diane L. Feigi Staff Attorney Cleveland
Matthew D. Feil Associate New York
Amanda E. Fein Associate New York
Elliot J. Feldman Partner Washington, D.C.
Robyn M. Feldstein Associate New York
Ryan Fischbach Partner Los Angeles
Eric R. Fish Partner New York
Marc D. Flink Partner Denver
Renée C. Floyd Staff Attorney Los Angeles
Danyll W. Foix Partner Washington, D.C.
Jimmy Fokas Partner New York
Elizabeth Price Foley Of Counsel Washington, D.C.
Jonathan A. Forman Counsel New York
John R. Fornaciari Partner Washington, D.C.
Paul S. Francis Partner Houston
David M. Friebus Partner Chicago
Edward L. Friedman Partner Houston
David R. Funk Staff Attorney Columbus
Jessie M. Gabriel Partner New York
Carey R. Gagnon Counsel Denver
Ronald B. Gaither Partner Atlanta
William P. Geise Associate Houston
Dominic A. Gentile Associate New York
Lisa M. Ghannoum Partner Cleveland
Lisa M. Gibson Of Counsel Costa Mesa
Esterina Giuliani Partner New York
Blythe Golay Associate Los Angeles
Regina L. Griffin Partner New York
Andrew M. Grossman Partner Washington, D.C.
Anthony M. Gruppuso Counsel New York
Daniel J. Gunsett Partner Columbus
Patrick H. Haggerty Partner Cincinnati
Patrick Hannon Partner New York
Ruth E. Hartman Partner Cleveland
Kristen N. Hawes Associate Houston
William H. Hawkins II Counsel Cincinnati
Ronald L. Hellbusch Staff Attorney Denver
Xakema L. Henderson Associate Denver
Tyson Y. Herrold Associate Philadelphia
Eric B. Hiatt Associate New York
Jessica M. Higashiyama Associate Costa Mesa
Lauren M. Hilsheimer Associate Columbus
Curt Roy Hineline Partner Seattle
Erin Bolan Hines Counsel Chicago
Margaret E. Hirce Associate New York
Carl W. Hittinger Partner Philadelphia
Lan Hoang Partner New York
Farrell A. Hochmuth Partner Houston
Michelle M. Hoff Staff Attorney Cincinnati
Craig A. Hoffman Partner Cincinnati
Thomas E. Hogan Counsel Washington, D.C.
Scott C. Holbrook Partner Cleveland
Rachel Palmer Hooper Associate Houston
Shawn P. Hough Associate New York
M. Elizabeth Howe Associate New York
Brad K. Howell Partner Houston
Thomas F. Howley Associate New York
Dean D. Hunt Partner Houston
Michael N. Hutter Staff Attorney Orlando
Nancy Inesta Partner Los Angeles
Sonja A. Inglin Partner Los Angeles
Edward J. Jacobs Partner New York
Suzanne M. Jambe Partner Cleveland
Peter W. James Partner Los Angeles
David R. Jarrett Partner Houston
Mark A. Johnson Partner Columbus
Bradley K. Jones Associate Houston
Michael P. Joy Partner Denver
William K. Kane Partner Chicago
Paul G. Karlsgodt Partner Denver
Daniel M. Kavouras Associate Cleveland
Gilbert S. Keteltas Partner Washington, D.C.
Robert M. Kincaid Jr. Partner Columbus
Kody D. L. Kleber Partner Houston
Richard M. Knoth Partner Cleveland
Jonathon Korinko Associate Cleveland
Mark A. Kornfeld Partner New York
Melissa L. Kosack Partner New York
Ganesh Krishna Associate New York
Eric W. Kristiansen Partner Houston
C. Thomas Kruse Partner Houston
Laurice Rutledge Lambert Associate Atlanta
L. Poe Leggette Partner Denver
Michael R. Levin Partner Orlando
Paul M. Levine Partner Washington, D.C.
John B. Lewis Partner Cleveland
Patrick T. Lewis Partner Cleveland
Samuel M. Light Associate New York
Erika J. Lindberg Associate Houston
Jerry R. Linscott Partner Orlando
James A. Loeb Partner Cleveland
Thomas L. Long Of Counsel Columbus
Thomas R. Lucchesi Partner Cleveland
Evan M. Mannering Associate Washington, D.C.
Christopher H. Marraro Partner Washington, D.C.
Ted T. Martin Partner Cincinnati
Marshall J. Mattera Associate New York
Jacqueline K. Matthews Associate Columbus
Michael R. Matthias Partner Los Angeles
Anat Maytal Associate New York
Bridget S. McCabe Associate New York
Elizabeth B. McCallum Partner Washington, D.C.
Rand L. McClellan Partner Columbus
Elizabeth G. McCurrach Associate New York
Marcus McCutcheon Associate Costa Mesa
Charlene L. McGinty Partner Atlanta
Cara McGourty Associate New York
John C. McIlwee Associate Chicago
M. Scott McIntyre Partner Cincinnati
Katherine L. McKnight Partner Washington, D.C.
David M. McMillan Associate Denver
Elizabeth McNellie Partner Columbus
Michael W. Mengis Partner Houston
Michael Dominic Meuti Partner Cleveland
Wade A. Mitchell Of Counsel Cleveland
Sushant Mohan Associate Houston
Marco Molina Associate New York
Rachel C. Monaghan Staff Attorney Columbus
Michael J. Montgomery Partner Cleveland
James L. Moore Partner Houston
Elliot Morrison Associate Cleveland
James R. Morrison Associate Seattle
Michael D. Mortenson Partner Costa Mesa
John W. Moscow Partner New York
Michael E. Mumford Partner Cleveland
Andres A. Muñoz Associate New York
Lana Muranovic Associate Houston
Jonathan B. New Partner New York
Pamela D. Nieto Counsel Houston
Brian R. Noethlich Associate Columbus
Mark Norris Associate Cleveland
Geoffrey A. North Partner New York
James H. Nye Partner Houston
M. Mitchell Oates Associate Philadelphia
Alexander K. Obrecht Associate Denver
Ronald S. Okada Partner Chicago
Frank M. Oliva Associate New York
Edward D. Papp Counsel Cleveland
John D. Parker Partner Cleveland
Stacey M. Patrick Staff Attorney Cleveland
Matthew D. Pearson Associate Los Angeles
Michelle D. Pector Partner Houston
Benjamin D. Pergament Partner New York
Francesca Perkins Austin Associate Houston
John W. Petrelli III Partner Houston
James E. Phillips Partner Houston
Daniel P. Porembski Staff Attorney Columbus
Marc D. Powers Partner New York
Kenneth G. Prabucki Associate Cleveland
David F. Proaño Partner Cleveland
Laurin D. Quiat Partner Denver
P. Alexander Quimby Associate Orlando
Richard B. Raile Associate Washington, D.C.
Matthew R. Raley Partner Houston
Robert T. Razzano Partner Cincinnati
Lora M. Reece Counsel Cleveland
Andrew W. Reich Counsel New York
Kenneth B. Reisenfeld Partner Washington, D.C.
Deborah H. Renner Partner New York
Lauren J. Resnick Partner New York
David B. Rivkin Jr. Partner Washington, D.C.
Joshua M. Robbins Counsel Washington, D.C.
Joel E. Roberts Partner Orlando
Jennifer B. Rollins Staff Attorney Cincinnati
James H. Rollinson Partner Cleveland
Nicholas M. Rose Associate New York
Jacqlyn Rovine Associate New York
Jocelyn R. Roy Staff Attorney Washington, D.C.
Robert M. Rozier Partner Atlanta
Kimberly S. Ruark Counsel Atlanta
J. Keith Russell Partner Houston
Gregory S. Saikin Partner Houston
Andrew E. Samuels Associate Columbus
Maurice Sanchez Partner Costa Mesa
Bruce W. Sanford Partner Washington, D.C.
Kerry T. Scarlott Partner Washington, D.C.
Jody E. Schechter Associate Houston
Elizabeth M. Schutte Associate New York
Justin J. Schwab Associate Washington, D.C.
Melvin S. Schwechter Partner Washington, D.C.
Elizabeth A. Scully Partner Washington, D.C.
Nexus U. Sea Associate New York
Edmund W. Searby Partner Cleveland
Peter B. Shapiro Associate New York
David J. Sheehan Partner New York
Karen E. Sheffer Staff Attorney Columbus
James A. Sherer Partner New York
Nkosi D. Shields Counsel New York
Maximillian S. Shifrin Associate New York
Douglas L. Shively Associate Cleveland
Glen Shu Partner Houston
John Siegal Partner New York
Lee H. Simowitz Partner Washington, D.C.
Jordan A. Sinclair Associate Houston
Julie Singer Brady Partner Orlando
Krista A. Sivick Associate Orlando
James A. Slater Partner Cleveland
Brian E. Smith Associate Orlando
Greer D. Smith Staff Attorney Washington, D.C.
Mark E. Smith Associate Houston
Rachel M. Smith Partner Houston
Shanisha Y. Smith Associate Denver
Michael S. Snarr Partner Washington, D.C.
Brian W. Song Partner New York
Robert D. Sowell Associate Orlando
George A. Stamboulidis Partner New York
Trevor M. Stanley Partner Washington, D.C.
Robert N. Steinwurtzel Partner Washington, D.C.
Richard T. (Tom) Stilwell Partner Houston
Terry L. Sullivan Partner Seattle
Michelle N. Tanney Associate New York
Michael T. Taylor Partner Washington, D.C.
Robert W. Thielhelm Jr. Partner Orlando
Emily B. Thomas Counsel Denver
Joshua C. Thomas Partner Houston
Sammantha J. Tillotson Associate Denver
Martha B. Timmers Staff Attorney Denver
Drew B. Tipton Partner Houston
John M. Touhy Partner Chicago
Robert J. Tucker Partner Columbus
Josephine Tung Associate Chicago
Christa Cowart Turner Partner Orlando
Tara E. Turner Staff Attorney Columbus
George J. Tzanetopoulos Partner Chicago
Gregory C. Ulmer Partner Houston
Michelle R. Usitalo Associate New York
Ernest E. Vargo Partner Cleveland
Cody T. Vasut Associate Houston
Michael S. Vitale Partner Orlando
Douglas A. Vonderhaar Associate Columbus
Brett A. Wall Partner Cleveland
Ona T. Wang Partner New York
Kendall E. Wangsgard Associate Washington, D.C.
Keesha N. Warmsby Associate Columbus
Daniel R. Warren Partner Cleveland
Thomas D. Warren Partner Cleveland
Joanna F. Wasick Associate New York
Michael T. Werner Associate Chicago
A. Mackenna White Associate New York
Craig M. White Partner Chicago
W. Ray Whitman Partner Houston
Edward H. Williams Of Counsel Chicago
Jeffrey T. Williams Partner Cleveland
Justin T. Winquist Associate Denver
James C. Winton Partner Houston
Robert M. Wolin Partner Houston
Catherine E. Woltering Partner Columbus
Andrew A. Wood Associate Costa Mesa
Jeremiah J. Wood Staff Attorney Columbus
Donald A. Workman Partner Washington, D.C.
Diane E. Wozniak Counsel Denver
Ann Yackshaw Associate Columbus
Gonzalo S. Zeballos Partner New York
Madiha M. Zuberi Associate Los Angeles
Kathryn M. Zunno Partner New York


  • BTI Client Service 30: BakerHostetler advanced 19 positions to #9 (2016)
  • U.S. News - Best Lawyers "Best Law Firms" (2016)
    • Admiralty & Maritime Law: National Tier 3
    • Appellate Practice: National Tier 2
    • Commercial Litigation: National Tier 1
    • Energy Law: National Tier 3
    • Environmental Law: National Tier 2
    • International Arbitration - Commercial: National Tier 3
    • International Arbitration: Governmental: National Tier 3
    • Litigation - Antitrust: National Tier 3
    • Natural Resources Law: National Tier 2
    • Oil & Gas Law: National Tier 3
  • The Best Lawyers in America© (2016)
    • 1 lawyer named in Admiralty & Maritime Law
    • 1 lawyer named in Antitrust Law
    • 3 lawyers named in Appellate Practice
    • 4 lawyers named in Arbitration
    • 3 lawyers named in Bet-the-Company Litigation
    • 23 lawyers named in Commercial Litigation
    • 1 lawyer named in Construction Law
    • 4 lawyers named in Criminal Defense: White-Collar
    • 2 lawyers named in Energy Law
    • 4 lawyers named in Environmental Law
    • 3 lawyers named in Family Law
    • 1 lawyer named in International Arbitration - Commercial
    • 1 lawyer named in International Arbitration - Governmental
    • 1 lawyer named in International Trade and Finance Law
    • 3 lawyers named in Litigation - Antitrust
    • 2 lawyers named in Litigation - Construction
    • 1 lawyer named in Litigation - Environmental
    • 1 lawyer named in Litigation - Securities
    • 2 lawyers named in Mediation
    • 2 lawyers named in Natural Resources Law
    • 1 lawyer named in Oil & Gas Law
    • 2 lawyers named in Product Liability Litigation - Defense
    • 1 lawyer named in Qui Tam Law
  • Law360 "Practice Group of the Year"
    • Class Action (2014)
    • White Collar (2014)
  • High-ranking former members of the United States Attorney's office in California, Ohio, the District of Columbia, New York, and New Jersey, the U.S. Department of Justice, Securities and Exchange Commission, Environmental Protection Agency, and Executive Office of the President.
  • Corporate Counsel® magazine guide to in-house law departments: "Go-to Law Firm" for litigation
  • American College of Trial Lawyers: Numerous Fellows
  • Who's Who in America: Several team members listed
  • Who's Who in the Law: Several team members listed


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January 17, 2017
Unbeknownst to many, changes to the Federal Rules of Evidence governing the hearsay exception for ancient documents (FRE 803(16)), and additional rules governing self-authentication of evidence generated by electronic processes or systems...
Class Action Lawsuit Defense
“Administrative Feasibility” Rejected in the Ninth Circuit
January 9, 2017
On Jan. 3, in Briseno v. Conagra Foods, Inc., Case No. 15-55727, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals held that Fed. R. Civ. P. 23 does not require class representatives to demonstrate that there is an “administratively feasible” means of...
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FTC Still Ramping Up Antitrust Review of Health Care Mergers
December 15, 2016
Last month, we reported on the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) steady filing of injunctions to block what are effectively local mergers of small health care providers. In 2007, the FTC filed suit in Saint Alphonsus Medical Center v. St...
Baker Energy Blog
EPA Changes Course and Admits Link Between Fracking and Underground Water Supplies
December 15, 2016
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) created a stir in mid-December 2016 when it released the final version of its report titled “Hydraulic Fracturing for Oil and Gas: Impacts from the Hydraulic Fracturing Water Cycle on Drinking...