Susan Lubow, Seth Hanft Share Thoughts with Forbes on the ‘Great Resignation'

News / January 31, 2022

Partners Susan Lubow and Seth Hanft are quoted in an article that was published on Jan. 27, 2022, in Forbes. The article, “Are Entrepreneurs Loving or Hating the ‘Great Resignation?’” examines the motives behind the pandemic-induced exodus of many employees from their jobs, what it means to small-business owners, and the impact it causes to the labor market and economy.

Hanft weighed in on several reasons for the current employee exodus, including quality-of-life decisions. “[T]he shift to work-from-home has eliminated many of the personal/professional barriers that previously existed. This means many employees are never really off the clock. That can take its toll, so many are leaving their current positions to find a job that better fits their work-life balance needs,” said Hanft. Lubow noted why she wouldn’t expect to see the same wave of resignations among people who were already entrepreneurs. “[T]hese individuals are in business for themselves,” she said. “They set their job expectations prior to the pandemic and perhaps were not as impacted by the pandemic.”

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