Todd Lebowitz Quoted on Uber Payout to NJ for Misclassification of Workers

News / September 27, 2022

A recent payout by Uber to New Jersey for taxes the state said the company owed for misclassifying workers “brings attention to a less discussed element of the worker status debate,” according to a Sept. 27, 2022, article published by the Law360 Employment Authority. “State Tax Recoveries Don’t Help Worker Wage Issue, Attys Say” examines the impact on workers of the $100 million payout, announced by New Jersey on Sept. 13.

Partner Todd Lebowitz told Law360 that New Jersey benefitted from this payout, but workers will not. “The agencies are saying that they’re doing this to protect workers, but when they’re collecting unemployment assessments, that’s really just going into the state coffers,” he said.

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