Carlos Ortiz Says John Doe Summonses ‘Pierce' Crypto Taxpayer Anonymity

News / November 22, 2022

A series of court victories has given the IRS a powerful new tool as it cracks down on crypto tax noncompliance, according to a Nov. 22, 2022, article in Bloomberg Law titled “IRS Crypto Tax Criminal Cases Bolstered by John Doe Summonses.” John Doe summonses go after the records of unnamed taxpayers and may only be served if a court verifies that tax code requirements have been met, according to the article.

Partner Carlos Ortiz told Bloomberg Law that, while people may believe they enjoy a degree of anonymity with their virtual currency transactions, “the John Doe summons enables the government to pierce that anonymity and to go in and start getting information on a significant number of individuals in one shot.”

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