James Sherer Discusses How "Computer Vision" Could Change E-Discovery

News / August 9, 2021

Partner James Sherer is quoted in an article that was published on Aug. 8, 2021, by The article “AI-Powered E-Discovery is Turning Computer Vision Into an Art Form” discusses how artificial intelligence technology in the category of “computer vision” is aimed at making computers “see” and interpret like a human, and that has implications for the future of e-discovery. Sherer is quoted as noting that these “technological approaches represent an attempt for due diligence and review to keep pace with an exponential increase in visual and video information.”

Sherer noted, “These too are new opportunities for practitioners, but in order to scale - in order to deal with the new surface area we are encountering, our knowledge of the tools and their operation has to increase accordingly. We cannot be complacent or afraid, and we shouldn’t be looking to the future - if it’s what we’re discussing, it’s already here.”

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