Mark Braden Comments on Biden Administration Challenge to George Voting Laws

News / June 26, 2021

Of Counsel Mark Braden is quoted in an article published on June 26, 2021, by Bloomberg Law. The article “Biden Challenge to New State Voting Laws Hinges on GOP ‘Intent’ ” reports on a federal lawsuit filed by the Justice Department Civil Rights Division that alleged that Georgia state lawmakers intentionally discriminated against Black voters when it passed a voting law that changes absentee voting rules and prohibits handing out food and drinks to people waiting in line to vote.

Braden told Bloomberg that proving such laws are intentional discrimination will be an uphill battle. “Intent is hard to prove,” he said. “There was a time when people would stand up in the legislatures and say things reflective of racist positions – that’s not happening now. So a lot of ‘the intent’ is looking inside the hearts or minds of the legislature, and good luck with that. Providing intent is difficult, but not impossible.”

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