Poe Leggette Discusses Merits and Ramifications of New BLM Fracking Rule at Environmental Law Institute Seminar

News / June 2, 2015

Partner Poe Leggette participated in a panel discussion on “Merits and Ramifications of the BLM Fracking Rule” at a seminar hosted by the Environmental Law Institute (ELI) on May 28, 2015. The Bureau of Land Management issued a final rule regulating hydraulic fracturing on federal and Indian lands on March 20, 2015. ELI held a discussion about the rule’s ramifications when it goes into effect on June 24, 2015. Topics discussed included:

  • What will the effect be on fracking operations, oil and gas development, and energy production overall?
  • Will tribes retain control over energy development, or will they lose that jurisdiction?
  • Does the rule do anything to address concerns environmentalists have long proffered regarding the hydraulic fracturing process?
  • Will these regulations act as a model for fracking regulations and best practices in other areas?

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