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The Other Elections: State & Local Tax Ballot Results The State Tax Show
Matt Hunsaker breaks down state and local tax ballot measures across the nation
BakerHostetler Blockchain University: What You Need to Know About the Most Common Blockchain Networks BakerHostetler Blockchain University
Learn the differences the differences and similarities between key blockchain networks.
Did the IRS Bless the Passthrough Entity Workaround to the $10K SALT Cap? The State Tax Show
Matt Hunsaker discusses IRS Notice 2020-75 and how it affects the TCJA $10,000 SALT Cap.
AD-ttorneys@law: CBD Marketing: A Path Through the Legal Fog AD-ttorneys@law
Randy Shaheen and Jack Ferry explain the legal issues surrounding CBD.
Women in State Tax: Nancy Prosser and Jenny Burleson The State Tax Show
An interview for those interested in the government service perspective
I'll Take Civ Pro for $400 - Jeopardy Productions & Due Process The State Tax Show
Matt Hunsaker discusses Jeopardy Productions and how Constitutional Due Process can save taxpayers.
Digital Advertising Taxes - Will Maryland Strike Back? The State Tax Show
Will Maryland's Legislature override the veto of its troubled digital advertising tax?
2020 Supreme Court Update BakerHosts
Hear about upcoming Supreme Court cases and trends, and the most important matters to note for the this term.
How to Protect and Clear Your Medical Device During Development BakerHosts
Learn about specific patent protection and clearance strategies for each stage of development.
Streaming Services - A Square Peg in a Round Tax Hole The State Tax Show
Stream this podcast episode to learn about taxation of streaming.
BakerHostetler Blockchain University: Bitcoin – Understanding the Phenomenon BakerHostetler Blockchain University
Joanna Wasick joins Rob Musiala for a discussion on bitcoin, one of the world's most widely used cryptocurrencies.
Patenting All Things Cannabis: A Primer BakerHosts
Learn about federal intellectual property laws regarding cannabis have evolved in recent years.
Did the NBA Bubble Save Taxes? + CA Disclosure Bill Veto The State Tax Show
Did the NBA bubble save players taxes + follow up on CA tax disclosure bill
Promoting the Progress of Science: Written Description and Enablement Promoting the Progress of Science
Hear a discussion on the importance of the enablement and written description requirements.
Does Copyright Literally Protect Source Code Figuratively? BakerHosts
Learn how copyright can protect your software "Beyond Source Code" more.
Bad Debts - A State Income & Sales Tax Perspective The State Tax Show
Learn how bad debts are handled for state income and sales taxes.
BakerHostetler Blockchain University: What is Blockchain and Why Should I Care? BakerHostetler Blockchain University
Our first episode of BakerHostetler Blockchain University provides an introduction to blockchain.
Capital Markets: The Nuts and Bolts of a Direct Listing BakerHosts
Michael Lawhead discusses the nuts and bolts of direct listings.
Women in State Tax: Kate Pascuzzi and Karen DiNuzzo-Wright The State Tax Show
Kate Pascuzzi and Karen DiNuzzo-Wright share their experiences as women in the state tax field.
Navigating Expense Reimbursement Amidst the New Work-From-Home Normal BakerHosts
Learn about employer obligations regarding expense reimbursement amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.
State Tax in Transactions: Post Closing Issues (Part IV) The State Tax Show
It's not over until it's over: Attending to post-closing SALT issues
Promoting the Progress of Science: Avoiding Inherent Obviousness Promoting the Progress of Science
Stephanie Lodise discusses the concept of "inherent obviousness" and strategies for avoiding it.
State Tax in Transactions: Apportionment & Combination Implications (Part III) The State Tax Show
Learn how M&A transactions may trigger apportionment and unitary combination issues.
State Tax in Transactions - Expanding Nexus Footprint (Part II) The State Tax Show
Learn how M&A transactions can affect your nexus footprint...for better or worse
Litigating in a Pandemic: Tips on Dealing with the New Abnormal BakerHosts
Join John Siegal for a discussion on the adjustments courts and litigators are making during the pandemic.
State Tax in Transactions: Perspectives of M&A Lawyers (Part I) The State Tax Show
Erica Svoboda & Ryan Gorsche join the show to talk SALT in M&A transactions.
CA Privacy Law Reboot – CCPA 2.0 BakerHosts
Hear a discussion on the California Privacy Rights Act, which will be on the ballot this November.
Leaving on a Jet Plane: How to Change Tax Residency The State Tax Show
Matt Hunsaker and Betsy Smith discuss best practices for changing state tax residency.
Promoting the Progress of Science: Avoiding Inherent Anticipation Promoting the Progress of Science
What should companies think about when drafting clinical stage invention patent applications?
BEPS 2.0 - International Tax Reform Primer for SALT Experts The State Tax Show
Brian Davis joins Matt Hunsaker to discuss international tax reform and SALT parallels.
How Administrative Law Became the Hottest Topic in Patent Disputes at the Federal Circuit BakerHosts
John Murphy explains how administrative law has become a "hot topic" in patent law.
Tax Crimes - A White Collar Perspective The State Tax Show
Hear from Matt Hunsaker, Shawn Cleveland and Robb Adkins on how to defend a criminal tax investigation.
Blurred Lines: Focusing on Antitrust and Privacy BakerHosts
Hear how the lines between antitrust, privacy objectives and enforcement are becoming increasingly blurred.
Life Sciences: Connected Medical Devices in the Cloud During COVID-19 BakerHosts
Hear how medical device companies are looking to add or expand remote monitoring capabilities.
Social Justice Movements & Employee Dress Codes BakerHosts
Eric Barnum and Todd Lebowitz discuss social justice movements and employee dress codes.
Promoting the Progress of Science: How Clinical Stage Patent Strategies Can Bring New Pharmaceuticals to Market Promoting the Progress of Science
Can you patent clinical trial results? Yes. Stephanie Lodise discusses why (and when) you should.
Changes to Business Immigration During COVID-19: What Employers Need to Know BakerHosts
Just how much impact is the global pandemic having on foreign national workers?
Tying Up Loose Ends - Updates on Past Episodes The State Tax Show
Tying up lose ends on past SALT episodes.
Tax Drama in Pennsylvania - A House Divided The State Tax Show
What happens when state tax officials disagree (Synthes)?
A Case Study in Local Tax: Seattle's Payroll Tax BakerHosts
Does Seattle's payroll tax proposal foreshadow future local taxes?
Marketplace Facilitator - Sales Tax Uniformity Projects The State Tax Show
An update on marketplace facilitator sales tax regimes and related uniformity projects.
Will California Publish Your Company's Tax Information? The State Tax Show
With the California senate passing Bill 972, will your company's tax information be subject to public scrutiny?
The Permanent Internet Tax Freedom Act BakerHosts
Check your Internet access bills for July - some of you might no longer be paying sales tax.
100th Episode! - Answering Your SALT Questions from the Mailbag The State Tax Show
To celebrate his 100th state tax podcast episode, Matt Hunsaker answers listener questions.
Oregon CAT Rules & Portland Local Taxes BakerHosts
Hear a break down the latest administrative rule proposals for the Oregon Commercial Activity Tax.
Important SALT Principles from 2 Washington B&O Tax Cases BakerHosts
Matt Hunsaker breaks down a two Washington Business & Occupation tax cases.
California Rundown on State & Local Taxes The State Tax Show
Hear about the latest state and local tax developments in California.
How Will COVID-19 Affect State Budgets & Taxes? The State Tax Show
Matt Hunsaker discusses how COVID-19 is affecting state budgets and taxes.
Taxing Digital Advertising: A Roundtable Discussion The State Tax Show
Hear a roundtable discussion on policy issues on taxing digital advertising services.
Texas Apportionment Cases: Lockheed and SiriusXM BakerHosts
Hear a breaks down of two recent Texas cases addressing franchise tax apportionment.
Multistate Tax Commission Uniformity Projects: Finnigan & PL 86-272 The State Tax Show
Matt Hunsaker provides an update on MTC personnel and two important uniformity projects.
State Tax COVID-19 and CARES Act Issues The State Tax Show
Hear a breakdown of the state tax issues caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.
Texas Supreme Court COGS Trifecta BakerHosts
Matt Hunsaker breakdowns the Texas Supreme Court's COGS trifecta.
Why the New State Tax Podcast? The State Tax Show
Welcome to The State Tax Show!