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Everything You Need to Know About NFTs in 10 Minutes or Less BakerHosts
Hear everything you need to know about NFTs, all in 10 minutes or less.
32nd Annual Legislative Seminar Series: Senator Cory Booker, D-N.J. BakerHosts
Hear from Senator Cory Booker, D-N.J. in the last session of the 32nd Annual Legislative Seminar Series.
32nd Annual Legislative Seminar Series: Senator Bill Cassidy, R-La. BakerHosts
Hear from Senator Bill Cassidy, R-La. in the second session of the 32nd Annual Legislative Seminar.
32nd Annual Legislative Seminar Series: Majority Whip James Clyburn, D-S.C. BakerHosts
Hear from Majority Whip James Clyburn, D-S.C. in the first session of the 32nd Annual Legislative Seminar.
The Future of Consumer Redress After Supremes Rule in AMG Capital Management v FTC BakerHosts
Randy Shaheen discusses a recent highly anticipated Supreme Court decision regarding consumer redress.
Vigorous Enforcement Ahead: Understanding and Preparing for the NLRB's Expanded View of Protected Concerted Activity BakerHosts
Jeremy Hart discusses how the NLRB's current leadership view protected concerted activity as compared to their predecessors.
The CARES Act Provider Relief Fund: A Moving Target BakerHosts
Hear insights on the CARES Act Provider Relief Fund from Jessica Captain Novick.
AD-ttorneys@law: Marketing a Subscription-Based Service? Beware BakerHosts
Is your brand offering a subscription-service? Linda Goldstein explains how to mitigate your legal risk.
EEO-1 Reporting and Implications Under the Biden Administration: Is Your Data in Order? BakerHosts
Hear what employers should consider when handling EEO-1 Reporting during the Biden Administration.
NLRB Decisions on the Chopping Block: Expected Changes from the Board that May Affect Employers BakerHosts
Hear the top five NLRB decisions on the chopping block that are expected with the Biden Administration.
The PRO Act: Why You Should Know What It Is and Why It Will Reshape the American Workplace BakerHosts
Peter Fischer and Christian White discuss the Protecting the Right to Organize Act.
Let it Flow: Breaking Down Information Blocking BakerHosts
Vimala Devassy and Kyle Gregory break down information blocking
Open Source is Everywhere: A Primer for Compliance BakerHosts
Timothy Casey provides an overview of open source and the issues and opportunities it presents.
When Fixing One Problem Creates Another: How Patent Infringement Arises Out of Product Repairs BakerHosts
Aaron Rabinowitz discusses how patent infringement arises out of product repairs.
BakerHostetler Blockchain University: Beyond Cryptocurrency – Non-Financial Use Cases for Blockchain BakerHosts
Hear an overview of how Blockchain is being used today in non-financial applications.
The Digital Health Ecosystem BakerHosts
Janine Anthony Bowen discusses the digital health ecosystem and how the industry is rapidly adopting.
AD-ttorneys@law: False Advertising or Just Puffing? BakerHosts
Hear from Randy Shaheen for pointers on avoiding puffery's promotional pitfalls and potential problems.
Self-Funded Employer Health Plans are Changing: What to Watch BakerHosts
Learn about the options that employers have regarding self-funded employer sponsored health plans.
COVID-19 Vaccine: Simplifying the Complex Life Cycle of the Vaccine BakerHosts
Learn about the complex life cycle of the COVID-19 vaccine.
What Employers Need to Know About Vaccine Administration BakerHosts
Hear considerations around vaccine administration for employers from the perspectives of employment law.
AD-ttorneys@law: Consumer Reviews: Paid? Fake? Negative? BakerHosts
Amy Ralph Mudge discusses the legal dos and don'ts regarding customer reviews.
Assessing Risks in a Deal, How to Partner with Your Business Team BakerHosts
Hear about key issues in addressing brands in deal making and new business initiatives.
Fast Track or Slow Stroll? Find the Right Pace For Your Patent Prosecution Matters BakerHosts
Aaron Rabinowitz discusses when to speed up or slow down patent prosecution.
BakerHostetler Blockchain University: What You Need to Know About the Most Common Blockchain Networks BakerHosts
Learn the differences the differences and similarities between key blockchain networks.
AD-ttorneys@law: CBD Marketing: A Path Through the Legal Fog BakerHosts
Randy Shaheen and Jack Ferry explain the legal issues surrounding CBD.
2020 Supreme Court Update BakerHosts
Hear about upcoming Supreme Court cases and trends, and the most important matters to note for the this term.
How to Protect and Clear Your Medical Device During Development BakerHosts
Learn about specific patent protection and clearance strategies for each stage of development.
BakerHostetler Blockchain University: Bitcoin – Understanding the Phenomenon BakerHosts
Joanna Wasick joins Rob Musiala for a discussion on bitcoin, one of the world's most widely used cryptocurrencies.
Patenting All Things Cannabis: A Primer BakerHosts
Learn about federal intellectual property laws regarding cannabis have evolved in recent years.
Promoting the Progress of Science: Written Description and Enablement BakerHosts
Hear a discussion on the importance of the enablement and written description requirements.
Does Copyright Literally Protect Source Code Figuratively? BakerHosts
Learn how copyright can protect your software "Beyond Source Code" more.
BakerHostetler Blockchain University: What is Blockchain and Why Should I Care? BakerHosts
Our first episode of BakerHostetler Blockchain University provides an introduction to blockchain.
Capital Markets: The Nuts and Bolts of a Direct Listing BakerHosts
Michael Lawhead discusses the nuts and bolts of direct listings.
Women in State Tax: Kate Pascuzzi and Karen DiNuzzo-Wright BakerHosts
Kate Pascuzzi and Karen DiNuzzo-Wright share their experiences as women in the state tax field.
Navigating Expense Reimbursement Amidst the New Work-From-Home Normal BakerHosts
Learn about employer obligations regarding expense reimbursement amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.
Promoting the Progress of Science: Avoiding Inherent Obviousness BakerHosts
Stephanie Lodise discusses the concept of "inherent obviousness" and strategies for avoiding it.
Litigating in a Pandemic: Tips on Dealing with the New Abnormal BakerHosts
Join John Siegal for a discussion on the adjustments courts and litigators are making during the pandemic.
CA Privacy Law Reboot – CCPA 2.0 BakerHosts
Hear a discussion on the California Privacy Rights Act, which will be on the ballot this November.
Promoting the Progress of Science: Avoiding Inherent Anticipation BakerHosts
What should companies think about when drafting clinical stage invention patent applications?
How Administrative Law Became the Hottest Topic in Patent Disputes at the Federal Circuit BakerHosts
John Murphy explains how administrative law has become a "hot topic" in patent law.
Blurred Lines: Focusing on Antitrust and Privacy BakerHosts
Hear how the lines between antitrust, privacy objectives and enforcement are becoming increasingly blurred.
Life Sciences: Connected Medical Devices in the Cloud During COVID-19 BakerHosts
Hear how medical device companies are looking to add or expand remote monitoring capabilities.
Social Justice Movements & Employee Dress Codes BakerHosts
Eric Barnum and Todd Lebowitz discuss social justice movements and employee dress codes.
Promoting the Progress of Science: How Clinical Stage Patent Strategies Can Bring New Pharmaceuticals to Market BakerHosts
Can you patent clinical trial results? Yes. Stephanie Lodise discusses why (and when) you should.
Changes to Business Immigration During COVID-19: What Employers Need to Know BakerHosts
Just how much impact is the global pandemic having on foreign national workers?