BakerHosts Podcasts

AD-ttorneys@Law Episode 6: Insider's Predictions for the FTC AD-ttorneys@law
New BakerHostetler Partner Daniel Kaufman shares an insider's predictions for the FTC.
The Future of Consumer Redress After Supremes Rule in AMG Capital Management v FTC AD-ttorneys@law
Randy Shaheen discusses a recent highly anticipated Supreme Court decision regarding consumer redress.
AD-ttorneys@law: Marketing a Subscription-Based Service? Beware AD-ttorneys@law
Is your brand offering a subscription-service? Linda Goldstein explains how to mitigate your legal risk.
AD-ttorneys@law: False Advertising or Just Puffing? AD-ttorneys@law
Hear from Randy Shaheen for pointers on avoiding puffery's promotional pitfalls and potential problems.
AD-ttorneys@law: Consumer Reviews: Paid? Fake? Negative? AD-ttorneys@law
Amy Ralph Mudge discusses the legal dos and don'ts regarding customer reviews.
AD-ttorneys@law: CBD Marketing: A Path Through the Legal Fog AD-ttorneys@law
Randy Shaheen and Jack Ferry explain the legal issues surrounding CBD.