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A top national appellate law firm, BakerHostetler advises and represents clients in high-stakes appeals.

  • Obtained Supreme Court review in Moore v. United States, a constitutional challenge to Congress’s power under the Sixteenth Amendment to tax “unrealized income.”
  • Successfully represented petitioner Westmoreland Mining in West Virginia v. EPA, obtaining a landmark Supreme Court decision recognizing that federal agencies lack authority to answer “major questions” in the absence of clear authorization by Congress.
  • Successfully defended Mercy Hospital’s multimillion dollar award from challenges before the Ohio Supreme Court.
  • Successfully represented a patent applicant in Hyatt v. Hirschfeld, obtaining a Federal Circuit decision holding that applicants suing for issuance of patents are not liable for expert expenses.
  • Obtained Supreme Court review in Frank v. Gaos, a challenge to the use of cy pres remedies in consumer class actions.
  • Obtained reversal by the Ninth Circuit of a jury verdict against an energy developer in C&C Properties Inc. v. Shell Pipeline Co.
  • Represented Ford Motor Company in connection with multiple appellate matters.
  • Obtained a pathbreaking decision from the Ninth Circuit in Hyatt v. Office of Management and Budget (2018) holding that regulated parties may challenge agency action for non-compliance with the Paperwork Reduction Act.
  • Successfully defended an employer against California wage-and-hour liability before the Ninth Circuit in Cota v. Fresenius USA, Inc.
  • Represented voters and federal candidates in Carson v. Simon, obtaining a decision by the Eighth Circuit holding that state election officials may not depart from election laws enacted by state legislatures.
  • Obtained reversal by the Ninth Circuit of summary judgment against taxpayers challenging disallowance of partnership tax losses in Broadwood v. United States.
  • Represented Nationwide in a $43 million appeal judgment, the second largest single plaintiff award in Ohio history.

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