Shareef Farag Addresses Impact of California Pay Transparency Law

News / January 6, 2023

A Jan. 6, 2023, Law360 Employment Authority article titled “4 Calif. Discrimination Laws That Will Take Effect in 2023” quotes Partner Shareef Farag about the implications of California’s S.B. 1162 on employers.

S.B. 1162 took effect January 1 and according to the article, it “adds to the state's existing pay equity legal framework by making employers post salary scales in job postings and to provide the same information to current employees upon ‘reasonable request.’" 

Farag told Law360 that the law is quite nuanced and will affect job postings for positions in California or staffed in California. It will also affect companies that contract with third parties to hire contingent labor.

Read the article.

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