Adam Higgins Comments on Potential Healthcare Policies under Biden Administration

News / January 4, 2021

Senior Advisor Adam Higgins is quoted in two articles published Jan. 3, 2021, by Law360. The article, “4 Key Areas as Biden Sets New Health Policy Path in 2021,” reports on the potential course of federal healthcare policy after Joe Biden take office.

Regarding any regulatory rollbacks involving the Affordable Care Act (ACA), Higgins told the publication: “Reversing some Trump regulations in this area could be tricky legally and politically, which might explain Biden’s choice of an HHS nominee with more legal than health care expertise in (California Attorney General) Xavier Becerra.”

In the article, “Epic Litigation Landscape Awaits Health, Life Sci Attys in 2021,” Higgins also commented on the efforts to have the Supreme Court strike down the entire ACA, or its protections for people with pre-existing conditions. “There seems to be little expectation in the health policy world that the court will throw out the entire statute,” Higgins said, adding that, “Both Republicans and Democrats have signaled that if the unexpected happens, they will have to act to address the upending of parts of the health system. But if Republicans control the Senate, it’s hard to see how exactly the two parties would reconcile their vastly different views of health policy.”

Read “4 Key Areas” (registration required).

Read “Epic Litigation Landscape” (registration required).

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