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We work carefully to understand clients’ information governance profiles and tailor solutions that fit their specific needs, risk tolerances, and regulatory and industry footprints. Clients trust us to help them navigate changing information governance paradigms, reducing risk and cost and positioning them for success.

  • Provided records policy guidance and advice to a multinational organization with offices in 30 countries and an operational footprint in 130 countries; provided additional technological analysis for records associated with communications technologies and bring your own device (BYOD) initiatives.
  • Advised on deal structure considerations involving information governance, cross-border transfer and data disambiguation issues for a multinational organization’s stock-purchase acquisition of a United States company. The acquisition focused on a substantial customer database and related document management and permissions issues.
  • Engaged in comprehensive records policy and schedule drafting, revision and deployment to a technology provider of mobile, telephone and web communication services; revamped then-current processes, working closely with the legal department through a multistage, iterative project.
  • Provided a nonprofit housing authority with revisions and guidance to existing records and information governance practices – including staffing direction and compliance considerations – during business transformation and restructuring processes.
  • Provided an information governance policy and supporting strategy in conjunction with a legal hold process and documentation for a multinational consumables retailer and provider of data analytic services. Reviewed and provided guidance on specific record retention schedule issues.
  • Consulted on cross-border transfer, data hosting and storage, and information governance advice for a multinational technology organization considering human resources data hosting and consolidation efforts for Latin American operations.
  • Advised on information governance and related privacy considerations and representations for a proposed energy company venture and a domestic online consumer lending program.
  • Provided a multistate restaurant holding organization with a record retention policy and schedule guidance on human resources, payroll, OSHA, financial, legal, tax, risk management and project development issues.
  • Provided information governance advice in conjunction with an information security review and recommendations for a nonprofit healthcare services organization.
  • Provided information governance, record retention policy and schedule, and related policy documentation for an energy company’s operations, structured data and device data flows, and employee BYOD considerations.
  • Constructed bottom-up information governance and legal hold regimens, integrating policies and a records retention schedule and social media considerations into a multinational, varied operation business conglomerate seeking to mitigate risk, increase business intelligence and smooth cross-company business operations.
  • Advised a healthcare organization considering application of business associate agreement requirements to existing information governance practices, regulatory retention periods and associated legal hold considerations.

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