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Various situations arising in the workplace – for example, alleged discrimination or harassment, workplace bullying or abuse, inappropriate use of the Internet or social media, theft of company property, fraud, policy breaches, statutory violations, or allegations of just cause – can trigger the need for an investigation.

  • Assisted a renowned medical institution in investigating claims that a physician had engaged in improper relations with a patient.
  • Assisted an oil company in investigating claims of racial discrimination and other malfeasant conduct alleged against its legal department.
  • Assisted a world-class medical institution in one-on-one training for its physicians regarding proper conduct, specifically related to sexual harassment.
  • Represented a retail fashion brand through an OSHA investigation into alleged workplace safety violations, resulting in drastically reduced fines.
  • Represented a medical institution through an OSHA investigation into alleged workplace hazards related to COVID-19, resulting in OSHA closing out the investigation after one letter.
  • Conduct sensitive investigations of allegations including alleged violations of employment laws, FCPA violations, OSHA and industry-specific safety claims, U.S. EPA violations, financial reporting requirements, and FDA regulations, often resolving them without adverse publicity, reputational harm, litigation or charges.

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