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As one of the fastest-growing sectors of the media industry, videogames and interactive entertainment generate an estimated $230 billion annually, with around $98 billion in the U.S. alone. BakerHostetler regularly advises a wide variety of companies and stakeholders in the videogame space. Our work includes navigating multiple complex legal issues related to privacy and data protection, IP, emerging technologies, corporate and tech transactions, labor and employment and dispute resolution.

EXP and Leveling Up

Our Interactive Entertainment and Videogame attorneys come from all six of BakerHostetler’s practice groups and span dozens of specialty areas; our combined years of experience multiply the value of our counsel. We not only help our clients react to legal issues but also counsel them to future-proof their business by leveling up their practices. Our experience includes:

  • Ongoing support for a major Japan-based multinational videogame developer and publisher, including advising on videogame concept and design, cross-border player data protection, eSport tournament setup and rules, merchandising, nerfing, CVAA compliance, card game tournament licensing, advertising of videogames to children (content blurring), accessibility media testing and mass subscription refunds.
  • Developed data protection impact assessment templates for a multinational streaming company that develops IP-based mobile games, including for minors.
  • Advised on applicability of state privacy laws, including whether gameplay information (such as in-game character design, gameplay statistics and game progress) is “personal information” subject to privacy rights requests, and whether face, hand or body measurements collected through immersive games are “biometric identifiers” subject to state biometric privacy laws.

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