2023 Advertising CLE Webinar Showcase

Events / June 22 - December 21, 2023
12:30 p.m. - 1:30 p.m. ET


We anticipate 2023 to be an unpredictable and complex year for advertising and marketing law. Join BakerHostetler as we kick off our 2023 Advertising Law Showcase featuring monthly webinars focused on the issues you may encounter in the new year.

All webinars will provide 1.0 CLE credit hour.

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Session 6: Emerging Legal Implications with AI in Advertising

June 22, 2023

From ChatGPT to Dall-E, generative AI tools – those using AI to create content – are capturing imaginations, including those of advertising and marketing teams. Join us for a one-hour webinar in which we provide an overview of what generative AI is and can do, important intellectual property and data privacy concerns, and the regulatory and legislative landscape in the US and abroad.  We will also discuss how brands may be able to harness the creativity of this technology while mitigating legal risk.

Presenters: Nichole Sterling and Lauren Bass

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Session 7: A Positive Spin on Negative Options – A More Complex Regulatory Environment

July 20, 2023

As the Federal Trade Commission and the States focus their attention on subscription services and negative options, it is becoming more difficult to navigate the varying requirements. How much of a game changer is the FTC’s new proposed rule, and what should we expect if the rule is eventually finalized? Where are we seeing enforcement activity? And how should we think about dark patterns when assessing compliance with negative option requirements? Join us for a discussion on these and other hot topics about subscription services.

Presenters: Daniel Kaufman and Jack Ferry

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  • June 22: Emerging Legal Implications with AI in Advertising
  • July 20: A Positive Spin on Negative Options – A More Complex Regulatory Environment
  • August 17
  • September 21
  • October 19
  • November 16
  • December 21
Upcoming topics (in no particular order):
  • Marketing to Children in New Media
  • FTC Privacy
  • NFTs
  • Transactions in Advertising, Digital Media, and Ad Tech

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Previous Sessions
Session 1: 2022 Year in Review

2022 was a year of heightened regulatory scrutiny of some of the key marketing strategies and tools marketers are employing in this rapidly evolving landscape. This webinar will highlight some of this year’s most significant legal and regulatory developments and the challenges they present for marketers in both the real and virtual worlds.

Presenters: Linda Goldstein and Daniel Kaufman

Session 2: Why Did I Get This Ad? Unpacking the Complex World of Digital Media and Ad Tech 

The world of digital media, ad tech, and the complexity of the digital advertising ecosystem can be overwhelming. This webinar will address the key things you need to know and keep an eye on in 2023.

Presenters: Aaron Goodman and Taylor Bloom

Session 3: The Federal Trade Commission's New Health Product Compliance Guidance

Join Randy Shaheen and Daniel Kaufman as they discuss the Federal Trade Commission’s new Health Products Compliance Guidance. During this webinar, they will share their insights about the new Guidance, highlight areas of particular importance for anyone involved in marketing or analyzing health claims, and explain how this new document differs from the agency’s two-decade-old Dietary Supplement Guidance.

Presenters: Randy Shaheen and Daniel Kaufman

Session 4: Compliant Consumer Review Practices

Join Amy Ralph Mudge and Victoria Weatherford as they outline what you need to know to make sure your solicitation, moderation, and posting of reviews pass muster with the FTC, state AGs, NAD, and the courts. They will also discuss troubleshooting the use of third-party review websites.

Presenters: Amy Ralph Mudge and Victoria Weatherford

Session 5: Advertising and Privacy Issues in the Metaverse

As more and more brands engage with existing and new customers in the metaverse, this webinar will highlight key advertising and privacy issues for how businesses can create customer trust in immersive virtual worlds. Join Linda Goldstein and Jeewon Serrato as they lead this interactive discussion. 

Presenters: Linda Goldstein and Jeewon Serrato

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