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Clients facing government antitrust investigations and grand jury proceedings turn to our specialized task force for pragmatic, deeply informed advice.

  • Representing a corporate defendant in one of the Antitrust Division’s first indicted criminal no-poach and wage-fixing cases.
  • Representing a Fortune 500 company through the Antitrust Division Leniency Program marker process in a matter that presented complex legal and factual issues.
  • Representing corporate and individual subjects of non-public Antitrust Division criminal no-poach, wage-fixing, price-fixing, and market allocation investigations.
  • Representing an individual employee in an Antitrust Division criminal price-fixing investigation.
  • Providing antitrust compliance advice and training for multiple global companies.
  • Representing a corporate third-party subpoena recipient in the U.S. v. Google and State of Colorado et al. v. Google civil antitrust lawsuits.
  • Representing an advertising platform third-party CID recipient in a Texas attorney general antitrust investigation of Google.
  • Advising corporations responding to the government compulsory process for customer information and data, including the privacy, data protection, and criminal procedure implications of responding to law enforcement requests.
  • Conducted an assessment and complete overhaul of the compliance policies at a large financial entity.

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