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“BakerHostetler’s statistics provide a platform and negotiator-independent look at how enterprises with high-end legal advice handle breaches. All single-company-based statistics are biased toward a customer base.”

SC Magazine, April 7, 2022

Our attorneys draw upon technical knowledge, unrivaled incident response experience, and outcomes from remediations of incidents, regulatory investigations and lawsuits (what we call “cyber response intelligence”) to help organizations generate and implement solutions for realizing the value of data and technology, reducing the risk of significant events, becoming “compromise ready,” and responding effectively to incidents.

  • Incident response and post-disclosure counsel for Marriott Hotels regarding the Starwood Hotels guest record security incident that was disclosed in 2018.
  • Incident response counsel to restaurant and hotel franchisors involving matters in which the franchisor worked with hundreds of its franchisees to identify, investigate and provide notification of payment card security incidents. We advised in resulting litigation, payment card network liability assessments, regulatory inquiries and post-incident payment technology security enhancement efforts with franchisees.
  • Engaged by a credit reporting agency in September 2017 to provide legal advice regarding aspects of its response to a significant security incident.
  • Preparing incident response plans and conducting incident response training and tabletop exercises for response teams, executives and board members.
  • Advising restaurants, hotels and retailers on authentication measures, payment acceptance and loyalty programs for their web and mobile apps.
  • Conducting pre- and post-acquisition due diligence and compromise assessments of hotels, restaurants and technology service providers.
  • Engaging security firms to conduct red team exercises, penetration tests, compromise assessments, security risk assessments and cybersecurity maturing assessments.

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